‘Tis the season for Angry Birds maker Rovio to step forward with its 2012 holiday promotion. Just this weekend, the Finnish mobile games developer is offering all its high-definition titles for iPads and Android devices for 99 cents each. The promotion includes major Rovio games, from every HD version of Angry Birds to Bad Piggies, an Angry Birds from the piggies’ perspective, to Amazing Alex, a physics-based puzzler which tasks you with building all sorts of contraptions. Your iTunes link and additional tidbits are right past the jump…

The sale ends December 17, Rovio writes.

Now is the chance to start your christmas shopping early and add Bad Piggies to your collection of Angry Birds games, to give Amazing Alex a try or to check out Angry Birds Star Wars’ bedazzling graphics on your tablet.

The following games are offered for 99 cents each, only this weekend:

Bad Piggies HD [free version]
• Angry Birds HD [free versions]
• Angry Birds Seasons HD [free version]
Angry Birds Rio HD [free version]
Angry Birds Space HD [free versions]
Angry Birds Star Wars HD [free version]
Amazing Alex HD

Each title except Amazing Alex HD has a free version available so feel free to sample before buying.

Discount games are also available by visiting Rovio’s promo page from your Android device or by searching for each title straight on Google’s Play Store.

Say what you will, but Angry Birds games keep on chugging along and are consistently among the top-sellers on the App Store.

If you thought paying a few dollars for an iPad version of any of these games was too much, this is the best chance to pick your title of choice, for the price of a latte.

Better yet, why not get all discount games for a total of seven bucks?

  • RarestName

    FullForce FTW!

  • Is HD worth buying when I have the iPhone version (for iPad 2 or iPad mini)?

    • The problem is it is scaled down to the iPhone size so it will be smaller on the iPads. When you stretch it out you can see the pixels. Not a huge problem but for some it does make a difference.

      • But on the HD you see no pixels, even on the non retina iPads? Thanks for the reply Kanoe 🙂

  • why is angry birds so popular puzzles me forever

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      It’s easy, fun, addictive and optimized for touch…

      Awesome characters, challenging (sometime brain teasing) level, great replay value….

    • Bob999999999

      Pick up and playability.

  • Time to get it!
    Been waiting for this

  • I have been waiting for this also. I wanted to start playing angry birds for awhile now but I wanted to start with the first version.

  • Just bought 4 of ’em..