Google released a nice little update for Chrome yesterday, bringing the app to version 23.0.1271.96 (yeah, I know right). The update only brings two changes to the popular iOS web browser: a fix for a character encoding bug, and the added ability to listen to audio playing from within the app while it’s in the background…

One of my least favorite things about the whole YouTube-app-getting-pulled-in-iOS 6 situation is that the new app, the one that is available in the App Store, doesn’t allow for backgrounded audio. My workaround for this has since been to use YouTube’s web app in Safari when listening to music, and it’s worked well for me.

Now, with this latest update, you can do it in Chrome too. Just start up any kind of audio — whether it be from YouTube, SoundCloud, or another source — and close down the application. Then, double tap your device’s Home button, swipe to your iPod controls in the multitasking bar, and you should see the Chrome icon.

I go back and forth between Chrome and Safari on my iPhone 5. I like Chrome for features like Request Desktop Site and Incognito, and I really like its ability to swipe between tabs. But unfortunately, all of the active web links in iOS open up in Safari, unless you happen to be jailbroken, so I’m forced to kind of use both.

At any rate, if the new background audio feature sounds appealing, you can grab the latest version of Chrome in the App Store, for free.

  • I think I am in the same condition as you are in.been switching between Chrome and Safari as really love the Unified Search in Chrome but Safari loads web pages more fast

  • RarestName

    Safari is faster IMO

  • Ff123

    I hate how chrome auto refreshes pages sometimes..

  • Safari is the best browser…

  • How about Youtube…

  • Reginaldo

    Incognito tab, and the ability to swipe between tabs are two etramally needed options in Safari. Hope Apple do it on the next update.

  • notewar

    I use dolphin. Better than chrome n safari

  • i am deleting crome from my iphone now cause i never use it

  • Infone

    Putting “googlechrome://” in front of any web address will open it in chrome on iOS. Alternatively, you can make a bookmark in safari, change the bookmark’s address to “javascript:location.href=%22googlechrome%22+location.href.substring(4);” and it will open that page in chrome.

  • It’s another YouTube app available in the App Store called “Jasmin” that let’s you listen to audio in the background.