Welcome to The Daily Recap for December 13th, 2012. Watch our video for a quick look at some of the top stories from the day in less than two minutes. If you missed out on any of today’s big news, this is a great way for you to get caught up fast.

For your convenience, you’ll also find links to all of the stories listed in today’s recap inside…

Featured stories in today’s recap:

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  • Ian

    These Daily recap videos are great! Very nice Jeff

  • wi77iam

    d*mn it… I was really hesitant to update my iOS to version 6 (from 5.0.1) in awareness of loosing my jailbreak…

    but all these new apps are really tempting.

    Is there a way of jailbreaking iOS6 to untethered status on the iPhone 4?
    (I really would like to switch to the all new google maps app and 1password 4 – but both require higher iOS versions) 🙁

    On the other hand – I’m not using much of the jailbreak features anymore (mostly I would miss Infinifolders – I even ditched IntelliscreenX – because all that jailbreak stuff is so buggy, constant crashes all the way….) 🙁

  • Where are the ‘Ask Jeff’ videos? You said in season 2 ep 1 that they will be more recent but unil now no new vid has been posted.