Amazon released its video player app as an iPad-only affair back in August and today the online retailer has updated the software with support for the iPhone and iPod touch. The new universal binary is still provided on a free of charge basis, though the videos, of course, must be purchased from Amazon. That the Instant Video software now works natively on all form-factor iOS devices is no doubt a good news for those of you who get your entertainment from Amazon. The program allows you to download videos for offline viewing and comes with an included selection of top Prime Instant Video titles included in the app…

Thanks to Amazon’s Whispersync technology, you can start watching a clip on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and resume from where you left off on a Kindle Fire HD, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac or “hundreds of models of connected TVs and Blu-ray players”.

And if  you happen to be a Prime subscriber ($79 a year), the program lets you easily stream any tittle from the entire Prime Instant Video library.

Unfortunately, because of Apple’s 30 percent cut Amazon chose not to integrate the video store so you’ll have to visit to purchase new titles before being able to stream them to your iOS devices.

Your release notes:

• stream thousands of titles available from Prime Instant Video at no additional cost with a Prime membership, or watch over 140,000 videos available from the Amazon Instant Video store
• download purchased and rented videos from Your Video Library
• shop over 140,000 videos available from the Amazon Instant Video store by visiting Amazon
• add videos to Your Watchlist from a PC, Mac, or Kindle Fire HD for later viewing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
• subscribe to a TV Season Pass by visiting Amazon and episodes will automatically be available in your Amazon Instant Video app the day after they air
• start watching on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and resume watching right where you left off on a Kindle Fire HD, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or hundreds of models of connected TVs and Blu-ray players with Amazon Whispersync.

It’s interesting that Amazon is underscoring how the program “is designed for an unmodified version of iOS”. Of course, eagle-eyed readers could easily remember that the software had issues running on jailbroken devices.

Do you use Amazon’s video service on your iPhone or iPad?

  • CollegiateLad

    Does it play nice with AirPlay?

  • Yes

  • This is awesome … Finally!
    Good Job AMAZON!

  • Now they need to update their iOS music app.

  • Young Buck

    you cannot stream over LTE on the iPhone – WiFi only