RadioShack previously lowered its asking prices for the iPhone 5 by a cool $25, but that was only for the AT&T version of the popular handset. Sweetening its holiday deal, the American franchise of electronics retail stores has now shaved $50 off both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, regardless of your preferred carrier. The retailer is basically price-matching Best Buy’s promotion where they also knocked $50 off all iPhone 5 models. Go past the fold for additional terms and conditions…

RadioShack’s deal lets you get a 16GB iPhone 5 on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint for as low as $149. Even better, you could buy an iPhone 4S for just $49.

Note a two-year contract is required for the RadioShack deal, which is valid for in-store purchases only.

We have no idea when the promotion is set to expire, but you’ll get a $10 cash back for every $50 spent at RadioShack until December 17, in addition to free ground shipping for orders over $50.

Both RadioShack’s and Best Buy’s deal let you buy – for a limited time, of course – the lowest-cost iPhone 5 anywhere in the US, unless I’m mistaken.

If you’re unwilling to commit your soul to a carrier, why not consider unlocked iPhones from Apple?

So, has anyone bought their iPhone 5 at RadioShack?

  • Jnick

    Best buy is better because you get a $100 giftcard.

    • ???

    • Just got off the phone with them. You can’t get it for 149 and still get the 5000 reward zone points (100 gift card) you have to pay 199 to get the points. Its now one or the other, apparently corporate decided that was too good of a deal so they killed it. Best deal now is on the reward zone site for the 5000 Points.

  • great

  • chris

    Tried to get the Radio Shack deal today. The $10 back for every $50 is a bit misleading. What you get if you spend $250 (on the 32gb, for example) is five $10 gift cards that you can’t use at the same time. Kind of a pain, unless you’re a frequent RS shopper.