After much wait, it seems that Google is finally set to release its iOS maps app tonight.

As you’ll no doubt recall, Google Maps was the stock maps app on iOS on up until it was usurped by Apple’s own flavor of maps beginning with iOS 6. Of course, that didn’t go down so well for Apple, as its Maps app was critically panned for being ugly at best, and dangerously inaccurate at worst.

The Apple Maps debacle got so bad that a public apology was posted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Scott Forstall, the man behind Apple Maps, was relieved of his duties.

Now, after months of speculation and wait, AllThingsD is reporting that Google will release its iOS maps comeback tonight…

Google claimed to have been surprised by its ousting from iOS, but Google exec Eric Schmidt made it clear that an official 3rd-party Google Maps solution was in the works.

As to what will actually be featured in the new Google Maps app for iOS is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s safe to say that it will be able to compete against Apple maps as far as features are concerned. Expect things like turn-by-turn directions, and 3D maps β€” things that the previous version of Google Maps’ iOS lacked β€” to be fully in tow this go around.

Are you happy to hear that Google Maps is finally making a return to iOS?

[via AllThingsD]

  • Now THIS is the news I’ve been waiting for.

    • SimonReidy

      +1 to that dude! I’m seriously stoked about this. Particularly as I live in Australia (Apple Maps are just flat out broken here).

      • Hope you weren’t on your way to Mildura. (Was that mean? lol I’m sorry. Really I am lol)

      • Too soon πŸ˜‰

      • SimonReidy

        hehe. No need to be sorry. I actually live on an island state (Tasmania) of Australia, where Maps are even worse. We have a massive casino here that is a big tourist destination, so you’d expect it to be correct, but according to Apple it’s in the middle of some houses in a suburban area across the road, and isn’t even listed as being a business (let alone a huge hotel, casino and restaurant area).

        Not to mention half the coastline of the state is incorrect, with parts of the capital city, Hobart, appearing underwater. Frankly, its pathetic and I must have issued over 30 corrections to Apple now, and they haven’t corrected any of them.

        All I can say is bring on Google Maps. And then bring on an iOS6 jailbreak and I’ll be a happy camper πŸ™‚

  • I still stick with iOS 5.1.1 though… πŸ™‚

    • Likewise.

    • Unfortunately, I own an iPhone 5

      • Yeah same here. I’m so burdened by the faster speed, larger screen, better camera, smaller, sexier build. It really sucks to be an iPhone 5 owner.

  • mlin

    Hope this news is real.

  • I look forward to downloading this Map App if a jailbreak for iOS6 is ever released.

    • Lol, this doesn’t require any Jailbreake; this will be available via the AppStore.

      • Meaning I wont upgrade from the iOS version that I am currently on, until a JB is released. As for the App, I know it is available in the App store. The article said it was, and most importantly, where else would I get it from other than the App store?

      • Uhm…..makes a lot of sense……

      • Actually, it does make sense for me!

  • transit directions please?

  • Ace

    If this is not true I’m quitting life.

    • SimonReidy

      LOL! I feel pretty much the same way.

      • dan bacon


    • notewar

      Go watch more “Rickroll”

      • Ace

        My favorite jam!

  • Still gonna be rocking iOS 5.1.1, will download it (if it’s iOS 5 compatible and) has any new features that aren’t available in the stock app πŸ˜€

    Would be cool if all Cydia tweaks for the pre-iOS 6 maps were made compatible with this one.

  • J M

    I will be very excited for transit directions again. I have tried to use Apples implemented integration with transit maps and it is clunky and not useful. Making you transition to an external app is not what I want.

    • SebestyenSzabo

      But The Transit App is amazing. That is, if you live in North America…

      • J M

        Not sure if that is sarcasm, or if you haven’t used them. Most transit apps apple has to suggest are not free, the free ones have only very limited and select cities that they cover as well in here in the US. One app that was on the suggestion was even an app, but a collection transit/subway maps! Static images, no time tables, nothing, just the image of the subway map!

      • SebestyenSzabo

        Look for “the transit app” in the app store, and see if it works in your area. It may be restricted to bigger cities, but I haven’t exactly been able to test this. Where it works however, it works very well. It does all the basics like stop location, vehicle arrival time, and even charting routes, including transfers and walking time. It’s free to that extent, but if you buy a (relatively cheap) subscription, you can have offline storage for arrival times (useful on subways), be able to see more than the closest 3 stops to you, and some other things, but i don’t remember what they are.

        too long; didn’t read: Sorry, i should have explained it better the first time, “the transit app” is a specific app, and it works very well for me. try it and see if you like it. It’s my favourite routing app by far.

  • Let’s just just hope this isn’t as fake as the Dream Jb. Lol

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Yeah man that was bull shit. I was exited about that!!

  • I’ll be happy to just test this out. Personally the only thing that bugs me about Apple maps is their image quality

  • Kenny

    both Apple and Google gonna be rich if they made this app a paid app lol just saying =)

    • dan bacon

      I’d happily pay upwards to $30 if it has Turn-by-Turn. Before iOS 6, I’d probably pay even more

      • Kenny

        well, i take public transport so i guess it doesnt matter πŸ™‚

    • EJR9090

      They are already rich lol

      • Kenny

        thats why they have the power lol

      • SebestyenSzabo

        omg lol

  • Troy

    Free? or how much will be it cost us?

    • Kenny

      definitely free.

  • Greyhound Mom

    I’m so tired of people blaming Apple for the maps debacle. It’s well-known if anyone does their research, that Apple receives the maps files from specific countries, for example it was Australia’s fault but those people got lost because they sent Apple and old/incorrect map.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    If it took Apple 3 months to approve a feature in google search (google now) which is only similar to Siri, then why would they approve an app that can totally replace a stock app? Personally I don’t see it happening..
    Edit- you all are correct, but for some reason I don’t see it happening..

    • dan bacon

      It wont hurt Apple any… Besides Navigon and others can also be considered as replacements and they’re in the App Store. Why not Google?

    • dan bacon

      Also, Tim Cook has gone on record to say that “he loves competition.”

    • Kenny

      Apple knew they screwed up, thats why they even recommended so many other alternatives, i think they will have to approve this one.

  • I hope its better then the nokia maps app

  • Fizzy

    when will this be out????? I have looked several times in the past couple of hours and I have found nothing

  • ic0dex

    I think this is FAKE just like the DreamJB.

  • Rob_Huska

    Please interwebs, only 1 major let down per night…

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