Okay, I’ll bite. Again.

Yesterday I called out the developer of “Dream JB” for promising to bring a jailbreak to the iPhone 5 when he knew good and well that he couldn’t fulfill that promise.

Understandably, a lot of readers were miffed that I had the audacity to dash their hopes for a jailbreak. We’ve waited a long time for a jailbreak for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, so it didn’t really surprise me when I was labeled a pessimist, although I was surprised a bit that my journalistic integrity was questioned. Fair enough, I was pretty positive that in due time this “jailbreak” would be exposed for what it really was.

Due time came today.

As I stated, I too wish for a jailbreak, it’s in my best interest to have one…but I and many others saw through this for what it was — a fake. Now the developer has released a video showcasing his fake work. And although it’s a pretty ambitious job of fakery, at the end of the day it’s still fake.

The video above outlines just a handful of obvious discrepancies that the developer — and I do use that term loosely — failed to address before composing his video. Notice I didn’t say shooting his video, because this was obviously a staged composition.

At this point I’m finding it hard to figure out the person’s motivation behind this. I guess you could say that they did it for the Twitter followers, but what does 20k Twitter followers get you these days?

Maybe he did it just to be a troll, the more likely scenario. Or, perhaps he just wanted to watch and laugh as he preyed on the wants of many people anxious for a jailbreak for their device.

Whatever the case may be, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

This isn’t a post to say “I told you so” after being lambasted yesterday by many readers. On the contrary, my hope is that this will prevent the next person from gaining as much ground with publicity and Twitter followers as this guy did.

There are plenty of hardworking folks within this community that get probably 1/20 of the recognition that this guy got, and all he produced was a fake video. It’s not fair that he gets so much attention when he has absolutely no credibility, and any credibility he did have is quickly plummeting faster than you can blink an eye.

Now he says that to clear everything up that he will have to release the Dream JB tonight. So you’re telling me that he had an estimated 10 days of work remaining, and he somehow miraculously got it done within a few hours? He’s likely “releasing” his work before his original date because everyone will know it’s a fake by the time his original date rolls around. At least now he might catch a few uniformed stragglers off guard with his shenanigans. That leads me to believe that it might be something malicious like a virus, but we can’t be too sure.

This is the last post that I’ll post about this so-called jailbreak. Really, I’m just as guilty as anyone else for giving this any attention in the first place. My entire goal was to keep you guys informed about what was going on, and to nullify any false hopes regarding an iPhone 5 jailbreak. Sadly that backfired on me, but I hope that from this point forward we’ll all learn from this and become, not pessimistic, but a bit more skeptical in judging the motivations of others in this community.

Update: Okay, so nothing malicious was posted. Just a good old fashioned RickRoll. There ya go, folks.

  • Bieberkinz

    Why was I expecting Rick Roll or Trololo

  • it really linked to a damn rickroll

  • Karan Sahota

    I got rick rolled by this little bitch, I think we ALL owe Jeff an apology.

  • lol that was so damn lame

  • Jcsilva46

    Well I knew Jeff was right But my mind was thinking that he was wrong this is b s

  • dannyhex

    u da man jeff, thats why i only usually go on this site for my jb stuff. damn wish we had a real jb .

  • TheAngryPenguin

    “DreamJB was intended as a social experiment. In the matter of a mere week, over 20,000 people followed @DreamJailbreak on twitter.”

  • ALEX


    • Hahahahahahahahaha

    • Dan

      not to be mean, but you had to see it coming… My iPad will be staying on 5.1.1 till the end of time I think.

      • so will mine and we can watch the value to up an dup and up…lloolo

  • EJR9090

    Ok so I’m new to all this, but in all honesty, why can’t someone from outside the norm do seething brilliant. It happenes all the time in real life! Yes I’m sad that its a fake, but In my eyes this wassent just about the jailbreak, it was about independence, it was about breaking free from the normal.

    Sadly I was Rick rolled. If anyone reads this I hope that they understand. But this shouldn’t make us feel like EVERYTHING is a fake. Sometimes just maybe. Things happen for a reason. And Jeff, thank you for looking out for us.

  • So apparently it was just a “social experiment” according to their website.

  • iphone4sgamer

    The scumbag removed the video, what a prick for wasting the jailbreak communities time. Its people like Dream jailbreak that give aspiring jailbreak hackers weak credibility in future jailbreaks.

    • Bart

      Jailbreak hackers have weak credibility by definition.

  • Mark Andrews

    It just occurred to me maybe Apple is/was behind this whole hoax in the hopes that they can get all of us JBers to jump on the IOS 6.01 band wagon as there is currently no valid Jailbreak tethered or otherwise for the iPhone 4S or 5 running iOS 6.0 and above. Just a thought. And why tonight? Isn’t Google supposed to release their new Maps app tonight as well. Not saying that there’s a connection, but it has me wondering..

  • Jeff I want to be the first one to say I apologize and you were right

  • A social experiment he says… (On the original website) Not bad. Worked pretty well.

  • thetechmaster101

    I like the message that is on the website now. Just because it is something we all want does not mean to jump in blindfolded, but to wait and see what lies to come.

  • thetechmaster101

    Am I the only one who loves getting Rick Rolled because I love the song?

    • Johnny

      I love the song also

  • SebestyenSzabo

    You do have to give the guy credit for going to these lengths to Rick Roll people. Even if those people are probably tens of thousands. XD

  • I think you should check out the website again as the poster clearly states it is a fake. Go back to it and you’ll see it. He fooled everyone including me 😛

  • Shakur’s Mom

    I had no idea Rick Astley was a hacker. My love and def. laughs go out to DreamJB. That was pretty hilarious. It may have been fake but it was funny fake

  • AndyDontCare

    I really fail to see the significance of this experiment. Every jailbreak starts with someone saying “I got it! I got it!” Then later comes proof, then the product itself. Had this guy’s “proof” been more believable (it was a horrible goof), then he may have carried it further. He’s calling it an experiment so he can sleep at night. Hope no one finds out who he is, but apparently he lives on the east coast. 🙂

    I was pretty skeptical because of his anonymity… who does that??? Then the iPhone not locking at boot convinced me it was fake. But why talk down to anyone who kept an open mind? And why make them feel bad about it? I wanted it to be true, but kept my reservations about it until I saw proof. It was no big deal either way: either it was or wasn’t. I followed @DreamJailbreak and unfollowed it when the news dropped. Don’t hold following him against me because that’s what Twitter was designed for.

    I think the Jeff haters are just annoyed at his howling “It’s a fake! It’s a fake!” and his notion of belittling those who were simply interested and keeping an open mind. He’s probably standing around proud saying “I’m a big boy now!”

    • The twitter account got deleted anyway.

  • Caroline

    Hay guys we wont know if it true or not until 22ed of December. I hope it is true as I plan to get a 5th gen iPod touch this Christmas. Lets not throw stones just yet we might be surprised. But if it is a fake what goes around comes around. A jailbreak will come out eventually it always dose.Good things come to those who wait.So don’t worry be happy my friends.

  • If you go to the webpage of the dreamjb ( http://dreamjb.com/ ) he talks about not trusting anybody claiming they have a jailbreak unless it’s the dev team and that you should never pay for a jailbreak. But what he didn’t mention was what if somebody does the same thing he did and releases a free “jailbreak” which ends up being a virus or something malicious, can you imagine how many people that would affect?

  • I feel bad for those who updated. Like I said before, sh1tra1n also did a rick roll when the iPhone4 came out.

  • iRy757

    Hahaha so many people owe this man an apology. I skimmed through the comments on the original post and you people were harsh as could be towards Jeff for posting HIS opinion on HIS site. The twitter account is inactive by the way.. Or maybe the name was just changed. Anyways, I think the kid was pretty clever for making a faux jailbreak that looked “promising” and as expected, everyone drank the Kool-Aid. Kudos Jeff, you now owe thousands of people a slap in the face and/or judo chop to the neck.

  • Nikolay

    So the question is when a real jailbreak will be available ?

    • now if you have 4S or ipad3 on 5.1.1 lol

  • Eza

    What a twat dream jb is fucking idiot big up the dev team i no they can do it come on!!!

  • don

    its funny because jeff is getting ripped on for using his knowledge based on years of experience and questioning his journalistic integrity…but if he kept an open mind about it and sat around hoping for it to be true, you would probably all be questioning his expertise and of this blog for not being able to spot the shadiness behind the dreamjb . its lose-lose, cant please everybody.

  • hi, a website from my country is now telling that the dreamjb is real and they will post about it today. do you know anything about it?

  • The carpenter

    As the old saying says good things come to those who wait. As for the people who gave jeff a grilling another old saying think before you post , I think he’s at it long enough now to no what’s real and what’s fake.

    The carpenter 🙂

  • Go to the website
    he said it himself too
    he said it was a dream

  • drDoom

    It was not a social experiment….. The asshole knew he was had when he released such a crappy video and EVERYONE immediately realized he lied! He then needed to do something to get himself out of blame….

  • Here is my hypothesis on this…

    this whole fiasco was probably a hoax concocted by the DEV team in order to discredit any possible new jail breakers and get all the attention on the dev team… The reason Jeff was so confident is cause he is in cahoots with the dev team and had inside info that it was a trick… lol

    all tyical sad lame human shit that is caused my having an over sized brain that really complicates out existence more than any other creatures

  • Vasco Breitenfeld

    one moment i believed that it was true but then i saw your video yesterday and understood it was fake

  • alhy

    it’s ok i’m understand

  • Mustafa

    The truth is that dreamJB may very well be a fake; however, there is no way to k ow for sure until December 22. Until then, anyone saying that this is real or fake is merely speculating. We all know that jailbreaks are difficult, but it has been accomplished by an individual working alone before ( geohotz limera1n). If this is fake fine but it is not impossible and we will all know soon enough. Why bash this guy until he proves himself either a phony or a hero?

  • I am almost in tears. 🙁

    I knew it was fake, but it seems more and more hopeless. *sob*