A small but noteworthy update to Apple’s Find My iPhone software has just surfaced on iTunes. The iPhone and iPad app which lets you locate stolen or misplaced devices on a world map has gained ability to provide driving directions to your lost gear. This capability requires the new Find My iPhone app version 2.0.1 or later and iOS 6 or later. Apple has also enabled another tweak where Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase buttons appear separately from the main map view. Unfortunately, the repugnant stitched leather theme is still all over the app…

Apple’s Find My iPhone pitch:

If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app on another iOS device, open it, and sign in with your Apple ID.

Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, play a sound, display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase all the data on it.

The Lost mode is particularly useful:

If the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you want to locate is running iOS 6, Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode locks your missing device with a 4-digit passcode and can display a contact phone number right on the lock screen. And while in Lost Mode, your device will keep track of where it has been and display its recent location history when you check in with the Find My iPhone app.

There’s also a nice web interface at icloud.com to locate your devices, issue remote wipes, messages and more using any computer capable of running a standards-compliant web browser like Chrome and Safari.


Skeuomorphism or not, the app – a free universal binary download on the App Store – saved me a ton of time on numerous occasions..

I remember this one time when I discovered upon arriving home that my iPhone was no longer in my pocket.

Much to my horror, calling my number yielded no result because “the number you have dialed couldn’t be reached”.

Now, I’m paying full unsubsidized prices for my wireless devices so you can imagine I freaked out quite a bit.

If it weren’t for Find My iPhone, I wouldn’t be able to zoom in on a map, locate my phone over at a friend’s house and ask her to conduct a thorough search.

It was on a backseat of her car, battery depleted completely.

We’ve heard a bunch of stories how Find My iPhone saved people’s lives so I was wondering about your experiences.

Do you have the Find My iPhone service enabled on your devices?

Does it work as advertised and has it at any point of your daily computing proved a life-savior?

  • I’ve seen a lady running around looking for her iPhone. I asked her why she was running around, she said she had lost her iPhone and Find my iPhone is showing her iPhone is in the middle of the road/intersection. I think she didn’t find it

  • I love this App “Find My iPhone” and have wondered for the last year why in the heck then never gave “driving directions”…. It has been so frustrating that such an obvious feature was really overlooked!

    I also noticed a real problem with the “map refresh” when they switched from the Google Maps to Apple Maps. Very frustrating indeed, hopefully this new update has fixed that stupid glitch also.

  • I think this apps skeumorphism looks fine

  • Emily is fuckin rich huh!

  • It would be good if a thief gets their hands on your device that they can’t wipe clean or that find my iphone work with the device is turned off.

    • Even if they turn it off; the second they turn it on you can probably get a location from the device

      • Sounding lost, don’t put too much trust into this sandboxed iOS app.

        Once your device is turned off and the iThief removes your SIM (which they probably will, unless you have tough case on), unless your iDevice is somehow authorized to connect to every Wi-Fi network out there, you can consider it gone forever.

  • iPhones are the most stolen phones..

  • Justin Stein

    So now we can get directions using Apple maps? That means we can get directions to the place where your phone isn’t! Hooray for getting lost in a place you don’t know!

  • pegger1

    It would be nice if Apple added the additional features of the IGotYa jailbreak app, that takes a picture when an unlock code is entered, or if it’s tried to power down. It then emails you the picture and a map of current location. It also has the option to disable powering down from the lock screen.

  • Hahahaha, very useful for recovering an iDevice you left on your couch or in a friends place (if you have money to throw away for several Apple products, like Emily here).

    If you’ve got better stuff to do with your cash, simply get iCaugtU pro; offers tonnes more anti-theft protection (which Crapple has always had the ability to provide via iTunes, but is greedily keeping private to it’s representatives) and can be controlled from ANY dumb/smart mobile phone.

  • Guilherme Ernesto Militz

    Does Find My iPhone have a function that doesn’t let anyone turn off your device?
    Because obviously, this whole thing will only work if your iPhone is turned on.

  • Like this update cool features driving direction

  • shamim

    I lost my iphone after 7 days ago . so please help me how can find my iphone . but this time my iphone is off

  • Ronald Hunter

    It has pointed me to my wife’s phone several times, and to her sister’s iPhone also. Always on on all my iOS devices!