How is the 7.9-inch iPad mini doing in the war amongst small tablets? Pretty well, according to one company. During November, the number of ads displayed on the mini grew 28 percent each day. By comparison, mobile ads on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet rose 19 percent per day during November.

According to Millennial Media, the iPad mini is both a “game changer” and a holiday “must-have gift.” Perhaps most-telling  is that minis purchased in November as likely holiday gifts didn’t stay under wraps for long…

The firm’s Matt Gillis said in a Monday blog post:

While we expect a massive amount of iPad minis to be received as gifts (and not opened until the end of the month), it appears that many folks couldn’t wait for the holidays to come and have rapidly embraced the newly sized iPad.

Explaining the iPad mini’s average daily growth in impressions of 28 percent versus 19 percent for the Kindle Fire, Matt wrote that “by our math it looks like Apple could have itself another massive holiday season”.

I second that.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s now getting easier to find an iPad mini on store shelves as shipping times recently dropped to one week.

Of note, earlier today Jefferies analyst predicted an iPad mini with Retina display will appear at the same time of an updated iPad 4 and the iPhone 5S around June or July of 2013.

  • non retina mess

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Went to Best Buy today and played with the mini.. If you have an iPad at all 2-4.. It’s pointless to get. If you like smaller then yeah it’s a great product and it feels good in the hand. But I think I’ll stick with my iPad 2 and my Nexus 7(:

    • i played with it and noticed how slow and lame it is compared to the ipad 3…

      • I have an iPad 3 and an iPad mini and I don’t see any slowness on the Mini. The Mini rocks!

      • Breathless

        Well if you look at it from a technical standpoint it should be the “same” speed as the iPad 3 the only thing that has better is the graphics but its only used for memory bandwidth to drive the retina display. Only 2 devices is faster then the mini and its the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 with the a6 processor. It’s still faster then the iPhone 4S(clock rate) and same speed as the iPad 2 and iPad 3. All have the A5 processor and u can see that the mini will still get supported for a good while.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    When this gets the retina then it will be the the product to get

  • Retina and money talks :3