If you’ve been looking for a good deal on an iPhone 5, look no further. Best Buy is offering the best price we’ve seen on the popular handset with a $50 discount. That means you can snag Apple’s latest smartphone for as low as $149 with a 2-year contract…

MacRumors was first to spot the new promotion, which just went live on Best Buy’s website. The deal applies to iPhone 5 models from all three carriers, in all three sizes, dropping the price tag of the 16GB to $149, 32GB to $249 and 64GB down to $349.

We’ve seen a few deals on the iPhone 5 over the past few weeks. RadioShack is taking $20 off the handset, and if you don’t mind refurbished models, AT&T is taking $100 off. But for new-in-box iPhone 5s, this is easily the best discount we’ve come across.

Of course, as the above image says, the $50 promotion only works if you sign a 2-year contract, and it doesn’t look like you can combine this deal with Best Buy’s $25 gift card offer. It also appears to be online-only and we’re not quite sure when it expires.

What do you think, $150 for Apple’s latest and greatest handset? Deal or no deal?

  • Does anyone know if this works if you buy the phone w/ an early upgrade? For example, I buy the 16gb and get it for $400 vs. $450? I sold my 4S looking to upgrade and this would just be icing on the cake.

    • FabianPVD

      Should work, don’t see why it wouldn’t!

  • There’s always a catch.

    Sounds like they’re all desperate to sell all that remains of the iPhone 5, cause Crapple might have informed them that they are preparing to now release a 5S already.

    Sounds nothing like the good old Apple annual habits, but that seems to have vanished with SJ. The left over Crapple has just been rottening like a BlackBerry.

    • Tmobile was giving free all Samsung mobile on black Friday , so that’s means Samsung is failing more than apple . Live a life dude, don’t troll.

      • That’s a normal situation. It’s normal for Samsung device prices to be fluctuating that much, because Samsung just sells their product to carriers; they don’t regulate the pricing, thus Carriers can set any price they want and get their money back in long term contracts.

        On the contrary, it barely happens in the case of Apple as they control the prices that carriers put on their products. Seeing the fluctuation in prices in the Apple ecosystem symbolizes somethings not going right. Might be another reason their stock price is dropping like a rock.

  • shows how iphone 5 is failling until we seeing deals made out of it!..this is making me doubt if i should really buy the iphone 5 or not…..i already have the s3 so…..

    • Asaf

      I got the sg2 and I am going to buy the iphone 5 one more week

    • Ace

      The iPhone 5 is failing ? sure.. lol

    • Ya, get the S3 then. We don’t need any more android losers hogging up the iOS space anyway. Good riddens.

      • what iOS space? you have have a claim to turf? lmao. what a tool.

  • it means iphone 5 sale is going down haa