Between his recent sit down with Bloomberg Businessweek, and his upcoming interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Tim Cook has captured a lot of headlines today. And that will continue tonight, as Cook appears on TV for the first time.

The CEO will be featured on Rock Center, a weekly newsmagazine broadcast akin to Dateline, this evening. And just ahead of the broadcast, NBC has published a teaser clip with Cook talking about virtual keyboards, his iPad and more…

Yes it’s in Flash again, sorry.

The clip shows Cook answering a couple of interesting questions. For example, he tells Williams that he reads and responds to customer emails. That’s kind of cool because while Steve was also known for this, it’s not common among executives.

He also admits to Mr. Williams that he has “ditched” physical keyboards, saying that he does 80% of his emailing and web surfing on his iPad, and shows off his iPhone 5. You’d think that this would be CEO-101 — always use your company’s products, especially in public — but it’s not. So I also thought this was kind of interesting.

The full episode of Rock Center is scheduled to air tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on NBC. We’ll be watching, and will be sure to pass along anything else worth noting.

  • I’m not with the physical keyboards at all, I change the input language, and the virtual do awesome. and when you don’t need it it’s gone.

  • Emile Bahou

    lol @ autocorrect is good

  • So, rest 20% he uses samsung note2. :p

    • Bieberkinz

      Or a MacBook…. Or even more, Microsoft Surface…

      • ok wow not Microsoft surface… he said he uses a Macbook

    • Irfan Tarique

      I say its over rated junk … What good is a quad core if it can hardly perform as good as a duel core iphone?

      • Don’t know about you but for me looking at the youtube reviews and doing little research samsung note 2 is better than iphone 5.

      • Bieberkinz

        Opinion, not fact. Why in the world do people want their phones bigger and tablets smaller? The Galaxy Note is for those people…. For those who want it big. (Ladies……)

      • actually its not what you think. People don’t want phones to be bigger and tablets to be smaller. What people want is ONE device that can do everything.

      • Bieberkinz

        But what’s the point? 5.3 inches might have to be in a bag but not a pocket. It’s a stupid idea for a claim being “portable”. Phablets are IMO, the stupidest idea for the cell phone business, and I’ve seen the Samsung Bendable glass Idea.

      • Irfan Tarique

        The software is awesome … but why the hell do you need a quad core processor @ 1.6 ghz to make it run as smooth as an iPhone?

        I will tell you why the screens are getting bigger…. by increasing the screen size you have more surface area to work with… therefore you can add a bigger battery, processor etc. Thats the main reason why the iphone had to increase their screen size.

        I had a chance to play with the note 2 and it was snappy and awesome, but its incredibly awkward to use on a daily basses

      • android devices are like PCs.. big specs and they still; run crappy

      • and you know this from experience? my S3 runs smooth no thanks to custom roms. but i’m pretty sure you have no clue what a custom rom is…

      • lol^^^^samsung is lame as hell…

      • that’s deep bro. totally deep.

  • Dan

    He must not type out large documents, either that or he’s a masochist

    • Al

      He’s a CEO.. I’m sure majority of his time is dealing with emails.. his title doesn’t include typing out large documents he have employees to do such things…

    • he is old and ignorant…. its sad

  • hahaha not everybody have that luxury.

  • so ignorant…. we need physical tactile key boards and controlers for games… i hate when old people try to act like they know wats best..