Good news for folks looking to grab an iPhone 5 for that special someone this Christmas. Now that supply of the handset is finally starting to catch up to demand, RadioShack has decided to put it on sale.

The retail chain is now taking $20 off Apple’s latest smartphone, dropping the entry-level price to $179 with contract. The discount applies to all AT&T models, including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions…

Electronista was the first to spot the sale, and we’ve since been able to confirm it with a number of RadioShack employees. In fact, it looks like the retailer is also shaving $50 off the 4S as well, making it $50.

Apple doesn’t typically discount its products, especially current-gen models. And although we’ve seen iPhone sales from carriers and retailers in the past, this is the lowest price we’ve seen on both the 4S and the 5.

Is this sale going to change your mind if you’ve been holding out on the iPhone 5 due to its price tag? No. But if you’ve been looking at getting one, it’s worth checking out your local RadioShack first. $20 is $20.

The sale is expected to continue through December 15, and is only for in-store purchases.