Russian iTunes launch marred with porn content

By , Dec 5, 2012

Apple yesterday officially rolled out iTunes in an additional 56 countries, including the 142 million people market of Russia. A report out this morning and numerous Twitter posts point to pornographic content somehow managing to find its way into the Movies section of the iTunes Store. Specifically, a section titled “more films in different languages” is promoting escort services.

It’s true, I ain’t making this up. Given Apple’s puritan approach to its content stores (“folks who want porn can buy an Android phone”, Steve Jobs famously said), it’s clearly a human error. It wouldn’t surprise me if somebody’s head already rolled over the scandal. Go past the fold for an NSFW screenshot…

According to the blog, which correctly predicted the Russian iTunes Store, accessing the “more films in different languages” section produces adult content, with links leading to escort services and pornographic content on the web. speculates (machine-translated):

Most likely, the problem arises because of links: the people responsible for iTunes, put the “temporary” link type xx.xx.xx. That’s just such a site exists, and, as we have seen today, has nothing to do with the ideals of the company.

This is your NSFW screenshot.

Screenshot via ‏@iphones_ru.

Apple could be already rolling out a fix because the App Store at the time of this writing was experiencing a mysterious outage.

Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac points us to dozens of reports on Twitter indicating problems accessing both the iTunes Store and the App Store.

On my end, I can confirm that checking for app updates in desktop iTunes isn’t working, which may or may not be related to Apple removing adult content from the Russian iTunes Store.

What are you seeing?

Are Apple’s content store working for you?

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  • Justin Koopmann

    lucky russians 😉

  • wadjj

    LOL this is unusual, but how fun.

  • j rinker

    zibreg jizzed in his pants after learning about it

    • Paras

      It didn’t say it was gay porn.

      • maurid


  • JomanJi

    thats……not………..usual… is it?

  • syler

    i like how apple will put the xxx in books and and in audio books but no where else i call Hippocrates lol they say they dont want that in their stores but there it is in the ibooks app from the app store

  • Priyank Nauni

    its time to make a russian account

  • Nick Williams

    Marred? I’d say blessed would be a more accurate description.

  • Malik Davis

    Why would one even make a “temporary” link with that domain? Lol why not zz or aa, or is this a developer thing?

  • Joe Jonsen

    porn is human….. i see no problem here

  • M Last

    Russia= headache

  • Sanil Chitrakar

    We don’t need russian account untill we have xvideosDOTcom on safari (O.o)

  • EpicFacepalm

    Why the hell does one use Camera instead of pressing PrintScreen button on the bloody keyboard?

  • Pankaj Rana

    yes there r problem with new itunes, especially with windows user,, when i try to open itunes from desktop, it never respond to me, if it open (thankfully) then im not able to connect with itunes store…. tired on many PCs, now im back to 10.7 x64 and everything is working fine.