Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS port is now available in the App Store. That means that the 1980’s, and all of its big hair, oversized sunglasses and pastel suits, are now just a tap away.

Rockstar has been leading up to this moment for over a month now, announcing back in October that it would be releasing an iOS version of its popular PS2 GTA title. And from what we’ve seen, it looks and sounds every bit as good as the original…

The game certainly looks good, with updated graphics, character models and lighting effects, and native support for Retina devices. And with its new tailored firing and targeting options, and a massive campaign mode, it has the gameplay to back it up.

Other cool features for GTA: Vice City include iCloud save game support, and customizable game controls that can be tweaked and laid out how you want them. It even supports custom iTunes playlists, just in case you get tired of the synthesized soundtrack.

If you’re interested in checking out the new Grand Theft Auto, you can find it in the App Store (or Google Play Store for you Android users) for $4.99. It’s universal, so it will play on both your iPhone and your iPad, as well as your iPod touch.

Have you tried GTA: Vice City yet? Thoughts?

  • tried it already, firstly the app is 1gb and it really isnt that good.. the starting of the game is really draggy and you cant skip it..
    the graphics are awesome but game play is a little difficult on the ipad especially..

    • What device are you using?

    • yeah, what device are you using? tell me its not an iPad 1. just played it on iPhone 5, runs perfectly smooth, and yes you can skip the intro, there’s an arrow at the top right. Graphics are the best i have seen on any app so far. looks incredible in iPhone 5. Well worth the 5 bucks. also you can design the controls the way you want them. you can make the buttons bigger/smaller and drag them to the location you want them, along with the map and other on screen guides. its quite nice. Thank you Rockstar!!!!

      • Running on an iPad 3.

      • did you restart your ipad 3? and you can’t skip the intro? dunno… it probably isn’t comfortable on an ipad. plays great on iphone 5 though.

  • Sweeeeeet. Gonna download now…

  • Shut up and take my money!

    • Kurt

      is this the new phrase, like “epic”, all the kiddies are gonna be saying constantly.

      • Maybe I read too much memes on Facebook. LOL

  • Downloading painfully slow, but may be due to me also downloading mc4 on ipad

    • Shellz3499

      Can you please trade apps with me ?

  • Bieberkinz

    Wow. 3 MB away from being a serious 1 GB. Wish I could use my 3GS cause its loaded with MJ music and other 80s stuff. (Note: Im only a teen). But I think it will be possible to use on a 3GS like GTA III. I just don’t wanna use my bros iPod touch…

  • Why is someone in a dislike rampage?! My god.

    • Please tell me, how does one “trade apps”?

      • Shellz3499

        Basically I give you my account and password you download what you want and then when your done i do the same. Make sure you take off all credit card info if you have any on your account

      • Hahaha I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure no one is going to ever go for this. Sounds like a serious scam, bro.

      • Shellz3499

        It’s not a scam ill even give you my account first to prove it. I just really want to play mc4 or gta vice city

      • Right, but when I want to put my credit card info back on it, I’m vulnerable to you exploiting it. Also, my password and email that I use for my Apple ID are the same for many other accounts I have. You, or anyone else, could easily exploit this. I’m sure you’re a nice guy and everything, but trusting a person over the internet that you’ve never met with your email and password is a really, really stupid idea, and anyone with half a brain would not go for it. If you are truly desperate to play these games, I suggest you try this little switcheroo with someone you know in person.

      • Shellz3499

        Once i download the apps just change your password and you won’t be vulnerable anymore. If I knew someone in person who were getting mc4 or vice city trust me I wouldn’t be on here. Plus it can be confidential we can email back and forth.

      • Hahaha jesus dude. I’m not doing it.

      • Shellz3499

        Aww damn. Well okay thanks for at least talking to me about it. L

      • you are crazy for even asking people to do this. pay for the games man and move on with life.

      • Shellz3499

        Thanks for the imput, but I didn’t ask you for it. No offense.

      • Yao.ming

        Bitch please?

      • EpicFacepalm

        Just change your current password to a temporary password and give it. After that, change it to your previous password again. It’s just simple as that, I wonder how you couldn’t imagine this.

      • Shellz3499

        Will you trade with me ? Please ?

      • Well then why don’t you go ahead and do it.

      • If you are dying to play some games for free, just jailbreak your phone and use Installous.

      • Shellz3499

        I have a iphone 5 -__-

      • Jonathan

        Okay, I’ll do it.

        Email me at:

      • Your email is incorrect. So I can’t email you email me at

      • maurid

        It’s more of a thing you do with actual friends (those that will NOT scam you), not with random people from the internet.

      • Shellz3499

        I’m not a scam ill even give you my account first to prove it.

      • righhhtt sounds smart

      • Shellz3499

        So will you do it please I want to play this game so bad.

      • jclocs1

        if you could afford a f**ken iphone 5 then im pretty sure you could f**ken afford a $5 app!

      • Shellz3499

        I have an iphone 5 as well but right now I don’t have the money to buy this app that’s y I’m asking.

      • jclocs1

        well then sell something you own and then buy an itunes gc, its that easy…

      • Shellz3499

        If I could I would. Please man I’m begging you I’m only 15 I’m trying to play this game that’s all

      • 1st – you are 15, this game is 17+, so you would be breaking Apple’s Rules. That’s naughty, and Santa will not be bringing you presents this year.

        2nd – yes, if you can afford a $200+ iphone 5, you can afford to pay for apps, otherwise go get a cheap crappy android and play on that and get off this blog.

        3rd – ask your mommy and daddy for some money to buy the game, and shut up. Thank you.

      • This game is soooo amazing on my iPhone 5. Glad I have an extra 5 bucks to spare on this game.

      • Shellz3499

        Will you trade apps with me, so I can play this ?

      • maurid


      • Shellz3499

        If your not gonna do it. Just stay quiet I didn’t send any messages to you so just stop worrying about what I’m doing and do you.

      • maurid

        No no, you’re not understanding what I’m saying. NO ONE (as in ZERO PEOPLE) is gonna do it, so you might as well get off our asses and stop trying. Jeez, kid, how old are you anyway?

      • Nah, I’m good. Thanks for the offer though.

      • ItAllLeaks

        This is actually a common thing done on many PS3 forums, trading accounts to download purchased content from others.

      • apps you obtain in this manner can never be synced to you iTunes on your computer.. and infact you itunes will try to remove them

    • Yao.ming

      Bitch please? ?

    • What games do you have

      • Shellz3499

        I have a lot . i mean have call of duty black ops, but I can really type all of them that I have on here I can screen shot you my apps in a email.

  • thecalstanley

    Will download this later, looks good tho

  • Angel

    Hey I only got charged a buck, that can’t be right…?

  • Still waiting for the it to show up in the play store.

    • Gtfo

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Wow you’re just a sad piece of meat aren’t you?

      • I’m good meat. Like bacon.

    • Heard there was a problem 😐

    • macboy74

      Unfortunately it’s not gonna be on the play store for awhile due to error problems. But this should be no surprise to Android users they always get things last as an after thought.

  • Download keeps stopping at 50% and saying cant download. iPad 3. Anyone else having this issues?

    • try downloading from iTunes instead. The old way is the best way:)

  • Pratik Panchal

    awesome game tried it on my Iphone

    • Can we trade apps please

      • Pratik Panchal

        im not fond of tradeing coz once i traded with someone like this and that guy purchased apps from my credit card and due to this i had to ghange my account details

  • What games have you got

    • Shellz3499

      I’ve got a lot i can screen shot some to show you.

  • No! OMG Noo, my exams started today!

  • Anyone know how to use the iCloud support. I have saved the game in the iCloud Slot, but its not showing up on my other device… anyone else having this issue?

  • I tried it. its ok. I wonder if Rockstar is going to make the others for iphone?

  • R Skse

    Damn, the lighting effects look really improved over the console from what i can remember…nice soft blending and layers.

  • another fine example of a game that is not very playable using touch screen controls… but apple is run by old men who have no clue about hard core gfaming so they refuse to make a damn controller….sad

    • Another fine example of Joe Jonsen shitting on everyone’s parade.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    the graphics looks really crappy

    • macboy74

      Smh it’s a direct port from from a game that came out 10 years ago. What did you expect?

  • marco1993

    just played GTA and MC4
    loving it both
    it is totally worth the $12

    great graphics on both games

  • akvira

    i like this is a like tice rain tem mentossssss