As successful as iOS has been, and continues to be, for Apple, there’s no question that it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. After all, a majority of the operating system looks just like it did when the iPhone first debuted back in 2007.

And that’s why we see so many concepts for iOS. Because there’s several ways Apple could improve its mobile platform, from smarter notifications, to broader widgets. And that’s proven once again with this new Lockscreen design…

An interesting piece was published in The Verge’s forums yesterday entitled “Rethinking the Lockscreen” which features a concept for the Lockscreen that would make it much more useful. It consists of 2 parts: cards, and a custom grabber.

First up, is what the author calls Lockscreen Cards. Essentially they’re little informative tiles, or widgets rather, that are connected to an app. They’re customizable, and you can slide between them the same way you slide between Homescreens.

And it gets better. Double-clicking the Home button when on a Card brings up extra controls or information that is relevant to the app. For instance, double-clicking the Home button when on the Weather card would bring up the weekly forecast.

Then there’s the customized app grabber. This takes the quick camera access idea Apple introduced in iOS 5.1 to the next level by giving users the ability to set it to any application they want. I honestly can’t believe this isn’t already a standard feature.

The trick here is that swiping up on the grabber doesn’t simply open up the application, but it opens the app up into an active status. So an app like Messages or Mail would automatically open up into their respective composition screens. Cool.

Now, I like both ideas. But the most intriguing part of this concept to me are the cards. I think the current Lockscreen wastes a ton of space, and cards or widgets would be the perfect way to fix that. Plus they’d give you information at a glance.

Apple will introduce new Lockscreen music controls in iOS 6.1, but unfortunately that seems to be the extent of their interest in the area for the moment. Here’s hoping that changes sometime between now, and the software’s next major iteration.

What do you think of the Lockscreen concept?

  • Cool. Apple should definitely see these concepts. In many cases, they’re perfect for iOS!

    • Well apple should look to what the jailbreak community made to make iPhone more fun to use..

    • should should should… apple.. hate stop give consumers what they want.. instead they teach us to want what they give us

  • xxxx

    the locksreen with weather is already made by forecast

  • I sense a jailbreak tweak.

  • Papapau

    Oh my god! I’ve never seen anything like this, very innovative by Apple again! No one can say that they’ve copied this from Android.. Apple is revolutionizing the lockscreen!

    The writer wrote it like he’s expecting this kind of response.. What an article for a lockscreen.. really?

    • RarestName

      You can slide the clock on Android?!

      • Johnathan Jennings


      • Yes, it’s called 4.2. I have a Mail tile, Clock tile, Calendar tile, and Twitter tile, all on the lockscreen. And they work by swiping them, just like the “cards” there.

        But in all honesty, Apple should have had this 5.0. People were calling for it then, at least the weather one.

      • RarestName


        I’ve seen it way before Android 4.2 was released.

        Yes, they’re similar, but definitely different.

        I understand that if you’re not a hardcore jailbreak tweak addict, you will feel that it is a blatant rip-off from Android, just like how the MobileNotifier saga and iOS 5 notifications system. And people still think otherwise.

      • They are different, but the concept is basically the same: get more information on the lock screen.

        As someone who switched from iOS to Android, I honestly couldn’t care less if iOS copies Android or Android copies iOS. I think Apple and Google need to cross license their stuff so we can have fully usable OS’s on both sides, without fear of lawsuits.
        I really do like LockWee, and can see Apple putting that in iOS 7, or even 6.5. But I see them do it in a “pull down” expansion way, like blinds.

  • Incredi Ali

    The lock screen weather tweak is already out there – it’s called “Forecast” and it’s made by DBA Technologies (The guy(s) who made Lockinfo- David Ashman)…

    Just saying coz someone ripped it off from him saying it can be a concept on the lock screen.

    • RarestName

      The concept is about sliding the top bar, not the weather widget.

      However, LockWee + Forecast = this concept

  • yes yes yes… and all that jazz. But please Apple, LOSE THE GLOSS FROM THE UI!!!!!

  • i need jelbreak iphone 4s

    • sad times if you have a 4S on ios6…lol sucks

  • Guest

    What’s that wallpaper?

  • We need a jailbreak for iPhone 5.. The iOS really getting boring without a jailbreak…

    • IOS has been boring for 3 years now… i cannot use it with out a jailbreak so i have a 5 but still use my 4S…llol

  • quakan

    What’s the wallpaper?

  • explain to me what exactly makes this concept “cool”. all it made me do was roll my eyes.

  • Guest

    This is why jail breaking is the way to go. One can’t help to think the Apple takes note of the hundreds of tweaks available once a device is opened up.

  • Can you spell jailbreak? These kinds of tweaks have been around for years now. Nothing new, unless you are Apple which seems adverse to incorporating OS improvements that it didn’t originate.

  • Martijn Rijk

    I am in search for an option to have the search bar on iOS as the main screen. Anyone an idea if this is possible yet?