The iPhone – and particularly the iPhone’s Passbook feature – is quickly making the traditional business card extinct. Real estate agents, huge users of business cards, are now one of the biggest proponents of Passbook as Re/Max Regional Services adopts iPhone-based business cards for its 4,500 agents and brokers. Agents in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan will use iPhone’s equipped with a “CardSense” feature that includes a scannable QR code on the lock screen. A QR reading app then grabs a copy of the business card…

“This capability makes it a snap to share contact information at the office, trade shows, networking events, open houses or anywhere else frequent, fast access to a Mobile Business Card is needed”, developer Vizibility said (via AppleInsider).

The real estate chain becomes just the latest business to adopt Passbook, a brand new iOS 6 stock app.

Soon after the feature was introduced as part of iOS 6, airlines began using Passbook for boarding passes. In what could eliminate all of those store loyalty cards and paper coupons, retailer Target also has jumped on the Passbook train, testing the feature as part of its own app to deliver coupons, as well as announce store specials and maintain shopping lists.

Although Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller has said the iPhone maker does not view Passbook as an e-commerce tool, credit card firm American Express took the first steps in that direction. In September the company introduced an app that allows Passbook users to check their car balance and view recent purchases.

With our phones quickly becoming our wallet, it is only time before the iPhone moves from serving up coupons to making cash transactions via credit and debit cards.

How long before you begin paying with your Passbook-enabled iPhone credit card?

Is security the only issue holding back that advance?

  • I can see the value with Travel Tickets and boarding passes –

    I frankly don’t use it for day-to-day.

    I had immediately used it for Starbucks, but found it very annoying to constantly get Passbook “notices” when I was at the adjacent Bally’s Gym working out!

    Furthermore, I actually prefer just using my Starbucks App when I’m in the store – I like the interface – therefore a second reason to disable its integration to Passbook.

    I had also downloaded and activated the Walgreens App. However, I’m still puzzled as to how it “benefits me” and is useful…. So far I have not seen anything from Walgreens that seems to “work” despite their insistence that their App is “optimized” for the Passbook.

  • This is the easy way now for contact information in real state industry. In today’s competitive real estate climate, we have to push the envelop of technology to give our agents a competitive edge.