Lightning-enabled iPhone 5 dock for under $20

By , Dec 3, 2012

USB Fever joins the Lightning fever, so to speak, with an iPhone 5 focused dock that has a pass-through music jack and costs less than twenty bucks. In addition to a Lightning port, the dock is shaped for the iPhone 5 and is a nice option for those condemning Apple for not providing its own dock for the device. A pricier variant is also available with a pass-through audio jack which lets you feedĀ audio out directly from your iPhone 5 via the dock to other music players using a standard 3.5mm jack while charging the device at the same time. As a bonus, the accessory has an additional 30-pin dock connector on the back…

Both the $16 Charging and Sync Dock Cradle for the iPhone 5 and the pricier $25 version have been designed and tested specifically for the iPhone 5 (via Cult of Mac).

And this is the $25 Charging and Sync Dock Cradle featuring both Lightning I/O and the legacy 30-pin dock connector.

Neither product includes a cable, so you’ll have to supply your own.

What did you expect for sixteen bucks?

Pictured below: the cheaper model, lacking a pass-through audio jack and sporting Lightning I/O on the back.

Also worth mentioning, both docks are available in white only.

If you’re interested, head over to the USB Fever web store.

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  • No Whammy

    A 30-dock connector? Now I can connect 30 iPhones at once!

  • Edit – Pictured below: the cheaper model, lacking a pass-through audio jack and sporting *lightning* I/O on the back.

    hope to see a review soon!

    • Lol you grammar nazis never shut the fuck up every day there’s one of you bitching about typos!
      We get it people make mistakes let them have time to edit it.

    • Fixed that as well

  • Looks great,thanks iDB
    Can’t really afford those great quality docks

  • wil7610

    I was checking today and it is now available in black too

  • Galactic

    Ordered doesn’t work. This stuff is poor quality.