Will Samsung once more take advantage of the looming Super Bowl opportunity to ridicule Apple, like it did last year launching a campaign which poked fun of the folks who’d wait in line for the iPhone? Given the fifty different lawsuits spread across four continents, it’s difficult to imagine otherwise. Samsung has already secured a spot in the big game, but Apple, unfortunately, has again passed on the opportunity to convey its message to Super Bowl’s huge audience.

Ad prices have increased every year, with advertisers paying as much as $3.5 million for a thirty-second spot during Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. But ad rates don’t concern Apple and Samsung, both big spenders when it comes to advertising. SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller revealed during the Apple v. Samsung trial that Apple in fiscal 2010 spent to the tune of $346.6 million advertising the iPhone and iPad in the United States.

That’s peanuts compared to what Samsung spends advertising its gadgets. The Galaxy maker, according to independent analyst Horace Dediu, has an annual budget of nearly $12 billion for advertising, commissions and sales promotions…

According to AdAge, brands like Pepsi, Bud Light and Samsung all secured ad slots at 2013 Super Bowl, going for an average of $3.7 million to $3.8 million.

And BusinessInsider teaches us that a $10 million ad buy on Facebook resulted in $129 million in Samsung device sales “in a period when Samsung was programming against the launch of iPhone 5”.

Just take a look, if you will, at Apple’s advertising expenses versus those of Samsung.

Marketing expenses for Samsung Electronics versus competition. Chart via Asymco.

Samsung’s ad spending clearly shows as the Galaxy ads can be seen virtually everywhere.

What a difference $12 billion a year makes, no?

But you know what’s remarkable?

Despite huge ad spending on Samsung’s part, the iPhone 5 easily surfaced as the top searched for gadget of 2012 on both Yahoo and Bing, despite not going on sale until late September.


Nevertheless, Samsung’s ad blitz is clearly working: per comScore, the Galaxy maker is the leading mobile vendor in the United States and it goes back and forth with Apple for top smartphone vendor.

Apple’s famous “1984” ad by its long-time marketing agency TBWA/Chiat/Day that announced the Macintosh is still regarded as the most-viewed television commercial of all time, even though it aired only once during Super Bowl XVIII.

The company since then largely avoided dropping ad dollars on Super Bowl, instead opting for television commercials and full-page ads in glossy magazines and newspapers. Google-owned Motorola Mobility at 2011 Super Bowl aired a scathing anti-Apple ad which paints its fans as mindless drones, as seen below.

Apple’s last Super Bowl commercial was seen in 2010, when it promoted the Verizon iPhone. Immediately the following year Samsung took advantage of Apple’s absence from the Super Bowl frenzy and launched a 90-second ad in the fourth quarter of the game to effectively mock Apple fans.

History could easily repeat itself with 2013 Super Bowl.

With that massive $1.05 verdict in the Apple v. Samsung case, component makers being added to Apple’s supply chain at Samsung’s expense and talk of Apple taking its lucrative mobile chip biz elsewhere, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who Samsung’s target might be come February 2013.

So, did Apple make a mistake by avoiding Super Bowl in 2013 at a time when Samsung is vastly outspending club Cupertino in the advertising department?

And should the company amp up its advertising in general?

  • samsung spends $12 billion for advertising….lolololoololllololo thats why they make those crapy cheap plasticy phones..

    • Col

      fanboys, fanboys everywhere

      • Android people are fanboys as well, see android people want the next best thing which for android comes out every 3 months at most, so you are spend more on phones with slightly higher Specs every 3 months or so, apple “fanboys” will wait at least a year if not longer to get the next best iPhone which is usually better than any android phone

      • Darius

        Android fanboy umad?

    • Hyr3m

      Read the graph, it says 4 billions in advertising. The 12 billions in marketing expenses include the aforementioned 4billions as well as all of the travel and other expenses for the commercial guys selling (or coming to buy) samsung’s LDC panels for other companies’ TVs and monitors, all the gifts and whatnots… if you’ve ever worked in a big company you’ll know what I mean when I say they’re fucking throwing money out the window on these kinds of things.
      Apple spent 1 billion, 4x less, but you have to take into account that Samsung makes way more than 4x more different products every year… hell they make more than 4x more types of products than Apple… That’s all under Samsung Electronics, and that’s all in the same number… so actually they’re spending way less on each individual product, and way less on each individual product line or type.
      Again, thank you Zibreg for spreading lies…

  • CollegiateLad

    Apple’s projected revenue for this holiday quarter alone is over $52 billion… iPhone 5 inventory is just now catching up(after three months), iPad Mini sold 3 million units in 3 days. Carriers are paying Apple $649 just to carry the iPhone.

    Christian is off his meds, again. Dell, Microsoft, RIMM, HP et al, would kill for a mistake this profitable.

  • The two companies are very different in advertising, after all Apple only has a few products while Samsung has an extremely wide variety of markets it goes after, even between its own product lines. A much larger ad budget would make sense. I wonder if there are any numbers breaking down just phone advertising…

    • Hyr3m

      Thank you! My faith in mankind has been restored!
      I’m just kidding… but I can’t believe all the morons that don’t realize the reality of things. Except for Christian Zibreg, I lost all hope when it comes to him so I’m no longer surprised…

  • If Samsung believed in their product like apple does, than Samsung wouldn’t have to spend so much in advertising. I don’t think apple needs to vamp up their spending on ads.

  • It’s a smart strategy. Look at Jay-Z. One of the very few ultra successful rappers to sustain his success. When other rappers attempt to “diss” him, he simply ignores it. You know why? Because he doesn’t need to. In the process, he comes across as a grown up, while his competitors end up looking childish. Apple using the same strategy as Hov isn’t a negative. Let your products speak for themselves.

  • Even if apple people where “mindless” drones, that add still shows that more people want iDevices more than other tablets or phones, and look how “well” the Xoom did

  • Hyr3m

    Ooooh, way to put things into perspective!! For a second I was wondering who wrote this stupid article and reading the Zibreg’s name I must say I wonder why I was wondering…

    Before even starting, look at the bar-graph, seriously fucking look at it… It compares Apple Advertising (1 billion [2012]) and Samsung Electronics Advertising (4 billions [2012]). It then shows Samsung’s Sales Promotion Expenses and Marketing Expenses without any comparison to Apple’s numbers.

    Now for a bit of perspective in comparing 1 billion vs 4 billions : Samsung Electronics is now arguably the world’s second largest semiconductor chip maker. It is also the world’s largest television manufacturer (since ’06) and the world’s largest LCD panels maker sine ’04. They also make laptops, pc monitors, printers, digital cameras, camcorders, lenses, hard drives, NAND flash, batteries…

    Just the TV and cameras business itself must easily account for the greater part of Samsung’s marketing budget. Also, they like to go all-out when making events… unlike Apple and their bland monochrome keynotes…

    Don’t catch me reading an iDB article again before checking who wrote it!

  • Wow man. You took the numbers out of proportion and distorted them making an unreal and misleading story, Just to have an article to write?
    First of all, you start the comparison by talking about what was spent by Apple in 2010 only and exclusively for the marketing of iPad and iPhone in the United States. Then, you pretend to compare that quantity with the amount Samsung has budgeted globally, as for today, for advertising, promotions and sales commissions for all Samsung gadgets?
    It doesn’t make sense and it isn’t fair to compare marketing expenses of iPhone and iPad in the USA with a worldwide marketing budget for about 78 gadgets. Obviously, you should know there’s a difference between budget and expenses.
    The comparison itself should be on what Apple currently spent on all its gadgets for advertising, sales commissions and promotions in the USA vs what Samsung spent for their gadgets in the same period for advertising, sales commissions and promotions in the USA.
    Writers should not manipulate data to bolster their views. They must be objective and clear when writing facts and then give their views and opinions on these. Blog editors must ensure of this compliance before giving the go ahead to posting. More important is that blog moderators should ensure not lend themselves to this kind of articles that hurts the credibility and prestige of the iDownloadblog.
    Oh, BTW I’m not an Android fan hurt by your misleading information. I love and own Apple products as much as other devices. I buy, test, sell, fix, jailbreak, and root devices just for fun and knowledge and can tell you that owning Android and iOS together has many advantages over being just a one brand fan. Simply, having both platforms is the best of two worlds. Think outside the fruit.

  • burlow

    “With that massive $1.05 verdict…”

    massive, that…is massive. For comical reasons I almost wish a judge would hand down a fine like this.