A little over a month ago, Pod2g, MuscleNerd and other hackers held a panel discussion at the Hack in the Box conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A few topics were mentioned, but the focus of the talk was jailbreaking.

We already posted a 30 minute excerpt from the discussion, but it was missing some interesting stuff. So we were happy to see a video of the full hour-long talk uploaded yesterday, and we’ve got it for you after the break…

Again, on stage from left to right is Mark Dowd, also known as mdowdpod2g, HITB’s l33tdawg, MuscleNerd and planetbeing. With the exception of l33tdawg, these are the guys that are working on the iOS 6 jailbreak.

The entire video is worth watching, but here are some of the more noteworthy points:

  • MuscleNerd says that baseband hacking and software unlocks are virtually irrelevant nowadays because it’s gotten so easy for third-party vendors to add IMEI’s to Apple’s unlocked device database.
  • Mark Dowd, security expert, says Apple has practically overhauled security in iOS 6, making it significantly harder to write kernel exploits for it compared to previous versions of the software.
  • pod2g has been pretty busy with his day job, but has started looking at the iOS 6 jailbreak. He’s working on finding a userland patch, trying to find a vulnerability to trigger the code execution.

As usual, we’ll post more information about the iOS 6 jailbreak as it comes through. So stay tuned!

  • I hope the Jailbreak will come soon because idownloadblog has become much more boring than before. Even if there are some cool Jailbreak tweaks they dont affect most of us.

    • notewar

      Hence jeff focus most of his vdos on review and less on tweaks

  • Dear Santa,
    I don’t want anything this year apart from a jailbreak for my iPhone 5 😀

  • Yeah it’s really annoying for Many, who lived with a jailbroken Device for years. Everyday Im Waiting for Some Good News!

    • air naji

      Exactly! It’s been almost 2 years since atv3 jailbreak and it takes significantly longer for all jailbreaks … The S3 already has any tweak it wants

  • Tardroid

    can’t wait for iOS6 UT JB

    • Rob_Huska

      Hell, I’ll deal with a tethered JB for my iPhone 5 if I have to!

      • Tardroid

        true that.
        but i have iPod4thGen so we already have tethered JB but it’s so buggy & unstable.

      • Mac_Guy

        Tethered for:
        iPhone 5- Hell Yeah!
        iPhone 4/4S- Yes, but the 4S’s battery dies too quickly
        iPhone 3GS (new bootrom)- …. you don’t put a Mercedes-Benz engine in a Volkswagen.

      • dan bacon

        iPhone 5’s battery isn’t much better than the 4S

      • Mac_Guy

        Well that sucks for you because my battery life is amazing. I assumed everyone was on the same boat as me LOL

  • seyss

    these guys are good, but are they the only ones trying to jailbreak iOS 6? are our fates in their hands? I only update iOS when a JB is available. It is sad to know that our “upgradeability” is in their hands only. I wish more ppl were actively trying to jailbreak iOS6.

    • Ronald Weaver

      I agree 100%. I still think more people need to donate. It will give them more motivation to do work for us all.

  • I hope we won’t have to wait for wwjc

  • Steve

    What’s the point of this panel? Discussing why there is no jailbreak?

  • AdnanTech

    ya man i agree with you

  • qwerty

    IOS 6 jailbreak releasing on 25 dec as a chrismas gift

    • That’s if the world doesn’t end first on December 21st

      • qwerty

        No ChillaX !!!!!!!! world wont end it may end after the release of the jailbreak LOL!!!!

      • Well that means they got a pretty tight deadline and a lot of pressure. So no pressure it’s only the end of the world 😀

  • Guest

    Jailbreak for IOS 6 unthethred is GOING to BE released On 25th DEC as a Chrismas gift

  • Mikael

    We really need an untethered jailbreak soon! I’m watching on every iOS news websites to be up to date, but now, they just talk aoubt boring news… 🙁

  • We need the return of GEOHOT!

    • Geohot found out some exploits but this doesn’t mean that he will always find exploits. After all when he was working on jailbreaks it was a lot easier to create a jailbreak. (eg iPhone 3GS old bootrom, an untethered exploit was found in 1 day)

      • Yes but you have to give credit where it’s due, he deserves it in the truckload, not to forget his work on the PS3 either, Legend in my view. But again as stated its more difficult now, hope that also means more determination to jailbreak…

      • Yes he deserves a lot of credit for the exploits that he found and he was a jailbreak legend. But this doesn’t mean that he will always find exploits…

      • True, but we can live in hope..

    • Ronald Weaver

      The boot rom master!

  • Fevostone

    I think I will come on dec 10th

    • Tardroid

      you will come? we don’t need you.

      • Fevostone

        LOL my bag it will come (jailbreak) 😉

      • R N

        “my bag” ? lol

      • Tardroid

        “my bag”


      • loloolloollolo

  • Funny how many people complain about not having a jailbreak anymore.
    That’s why you-
    A. Don’t upgrade to the newest iPhone without waiting a little. And B. don’t upgrade to iOS6.
    I’m still using an iPhone 4S on 5.1.1 and it’s awesome.

  • Chris

    Stop giving these guys attention unless they release the iOS 6 jailbreak. Why are they even talking about a lack of a jailbreak rather than working on it?

  • Damani Brown

    I gave up on Jailbreaking. We will never see another one. Apple has defeated us. 😀 Tim cook is a beast.

    • dan bacon

      Ya… I started Jailbreaking when I got my iPod 2g and jailbroke every firmware since then. Now I haven’t been jailbroken since iOS 5

  • I honeslty believe that if Apple continues this cat and mouse game with the exploits that many people (me included) will quit buying their uber-expensive products. I love Apple’s lineup but I’m getting fed up with them making it so difficult. If I believed there would never be anymore jailbreaks, I might start looking somewhere else.

    • dan bacon

      ^This…. Depending on how long it takes to jailbreak the iPhone 5, it may be the last iPhone I buy /:

  • Jordys oquendo

    Ios 6 jb is a myth

  • I can not believe did not talk about jailbreak ios 6.0 iphone4s
    where >>>>>> come jailbreak ios 6.0 iphone4s

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Truth is iPhones are so boring without jailbreak tweaks…

    • Earnhardtfan77

      100% the truth

  • this vid is old as hell

  • ^_^ with the S3 no more waiting

  • anon

    apple has screwed all these guys or they are paying them, its a big scam, if you really are that good a ‘hacker’ and holding seminars and all that crap, then make the jb, prove your are worth your so called fame and stop blowing each other off