Yesterday, I finally received my Glif tripod mount for the iPhone 5. For anyone who’s ever tried to take respectable photos or videos using the iPhone, then you know how indispensable a good tripod mount can be.

For someone like myself who’s constantly shooting video, a tripod mount is an absolute necessity if I ever desire to switch from a DSLR and shoot video with my iOS device. Perhaps you noticed a few videos in the past where I’ve incorporated video from my iPhone 5? Needless to say, it wasn’t a very pretty sight.

Although other tripod mounting solutions exist, the Glif from Studio Neat was among the first to solve the problem. It’s also one of the easiest to use. Take a look inside as I examine it on video…

The Glif comes in two SKUs for the iPhone 5 — the Glif, and the Glif+. The basic Glif is all most people will need to satisfy the need to mount their iPhone 5 to a standard tripod, while the Glif+ includes a couple of additional options for obtaining a more secure connection to the iPhone, and for attaching the device to a keychain for travel.

The Glif in itself is basic piece of molded plastic with a slot for sliding in the iPhone 5. It takes a bit of force to slide in the iPhone, which ensures a secure fit. The bottom of the Glif includes a 1/4″-­20 thread that plays nice with any standard tripod mount.

One of the lesser advertised features of the Glif is its ability to function as stand for the iPhone. It’s probably not a feature that alone makes the Glif worth a purchase, but it is useful for showcasing slide shows or watching movies on the small screen.

As mentioned, I opted for the Glif+ package, which is $10 more than the standard $20 Glif, but includes the Ligature and Serif attachments. The Ligature connects to the 1/4″-­20 thread, and functions as a keychain ring, while the Serif connects to the Glif with an iPhone mounted for a more secure connection.

Of the two features, the Serif is the one you’ll find more useful, as it lends peace of mind when conducting quick pans on a tripod, or when placing your iPhone in more compromising situations. For serious photographers the Serif is a must have addition, but for casual shooters the basic Glif will be secure enough to put your mind at ease.

I’ve noticed some YouTube comments that pan the idea of paying “$30 for a piece of plastic”, but these are the type of folks that probably don’t take their iPhone photography seriously. As you probably know, we have an ongoing series about iPhone Photography, and many readers and staff here at iDB do take it seriously. With that in mind, the Glif is much more than a mere piece of plastic. It can be the difference between composing a great shot versus and average shot, a great pan versus a jerky and vomit inducing pan.

Even if you’re not into iPhone photography, using the Glif can help you appreciate just how powerful of a camera that the iPhone 5 is. It’s a product that I can full on recommend, and it’s something that I will absolutely use on a daily basis as I further incorporate my iPhone 5 into my daily shooting regimen.

If you’re interested, then head over to Studio Neat’s website to purchase your own Glif. For the record, I purchased this product on my own accord, and have had no contact with Studio Neat regarding this review.

What do you think? Are you looking to step up your iPhone photography skills?

  • I read gift…, and I thought it was a giveaway..

  • This is Jeff with iDownloadBlog

  • Your back protector is coming off because of the glif

  • ic0dex

    You can get it on eBay for $8 with free shipping. You get the Mini Tripod + Holder + Shutter Cable. Item number 400333806414

    I don’t know why people spend so much money on these type of things where you can get them on eBay for 50%-70% off.

    • I have to agree here eBay is great for deals like this stuff and some of these people just don’t know any better or refuse to be an Informed consumer they were the same ones that voted for Romney lol!!

    • That $8 has now turned into $120!

      • ic0dex

        Probably because of me as soon as I posted the item number everyone purchased it from him. He got greedy.

  • Coolio

    $30 for a piece of plastic with a screw?

  • Interesting problem: with 5 moving headphone socket to bottom of phone it renders the Glif useless if you try and plug an external microphone or headphones in at the same time as shooting video. The bottom of the serif either cuts out the camera or covers the headphone socket. Another classic iPhone 5 design ‘bonus’..