Rockstar Games is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its popular Grand Theft Auto : Vice City title by releasing a special edition of it for iOS and Android this December. Last week, the studio provided us with some details about the release, and today, they’ve published a gameplay trailer…

Here’s the clip, posted on Rockstar’s YouTube channel (via Redmond Pie):

Rockstar says that the 10th Anniversary Edition will bring the full experience of the game to mobile devices with new and more precise firing and targeting options, and a fully customizable control layout. It also says that the title will have updated graphics and will support Retina devices.

It certainly looks like the iOS game will retain all of the 1980’s goodness from the original Playstation 2 release, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Grand Theft Auto : Vice City 10th Anniversary is expected to hit the App Store (and Google Play Store) on December 6 with a price tag of $4.99.

So, what do you think so far?

  • my body is ready

  • holy shit

  • any one know the song name ?

    • Which one haha?
      But.. Shazam! 🙂

    • Anttu Puruskainen

      Self Control by Laura Braniga. You should start using Soundhound, you can download it in App Store. It’s better than Shazam.

      • I use both but just too lazy to get my iPad. it was charging lol

  • M L

    Do you really think that Apple is going to let that pass? The porn set stuff etc? LOL Will be interesting!

    • Johnny

      Lol they will let the game pass hopefully!

    • Tardroid

      you’re too stupid.

    • This is why some apps asked if you’re over 17. They have the legal disclaimer necessary for this so why the fuck not?

  • ic0dex

    Dude that was awesome! I can’t wait for the new GTA 5 to come out for XBOX or PS3!

  • Going to be one hell of a game!

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Ready for sum ‘hot coffee,’ bitches?

    • Bieberkinz

      Wait til GTA SA bro… GTA VIce City (like GTA III) only got car hookers.

      • Its not like SA for iOS will have hot coffee anyways lol.

      • Bieberkinz

        Nothing stop perverted hackers bro. This is the Internet someone is bound to port that. It’s not gonna be me or you for sure….

      • I guess some hacker could port it put the mod in Cydia or something lol.

  • Irfan Tarique

    The girl in the picture is soooooooo hot

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Eww you like cartoon girls

      • Bieberkinz

        Well, some people like that creepy crap… Creepy but some people are in to weird crap… Or crap we think is weird.

      • Irfan Tarique

        Umm tell that to most asian people who watch/read anime. You gotta admit unless you are gay that she is hot as fuck

      • MagicDrumSticks

        No it just means you’re a virgin

      • Johnny

        Sorry for not minding my own business but are you calling people gay because they don’t think the woman in the picture is hot? Sorry but I’m not attracted to drawings of women that are cartoons. Does that make me gay since you know all.

      • You think the drawing is hot? The heck is wrong with you??

  • There is Nothing like GTA 2

  • hey guys me just thinking that when the vice city will come for ios can we put cheat codes in it cauz playing vice city is just amazing with cheat codes

  • cheat codes?

  • Matchew

    This will look awesome on my S3

  • Breathless

    I wonder if it will become on sale for Christmas like the last game. I’ve gotten used to only paying 99c for stuff.

  • ash88

    I would only play this if I can run the game on my iPad and use my iPhone as the controller. Love GTA but hate playing games on iPad

  • macboy74

    Awesome best GTA ever.

  • these games are too hard to play using crappie touch screen controls..

  • If its not iphone 5 optimized I’m NOT buying it

  • Jahmai Foresight

    its a nice concept but wheres the upgraded graphics????????????????/ 10 years man come on