We told you all about Libon a while ago. For those with short memories, Libon offered iOS users a way to take voicemail to the next level. Visual voicemail and customised messages depending on the caller were features that stood out, and we liked it a lot.

Now though, the Libon team has relaunched its app, this time adding in one or two features that not only improve the app as a whole, but also pitt it squarely as competition for some other well known, and highly established iOS apps.

Here’s a little spoiler – it’s pretty awesome…

The biggest new feature has to be that new, and free, Wi-Fi calling. In fact, we keep calling it Wi-Fi calling but the thing works over 3G, too. That’s a real bonus, and something that we suspect the likes of AT&T will be non too happy about.

It’s not just basic calling either, here we’re talking about fancy new HD calling, which promises crisper and all around better audio. This will no doubt depend on the connection available, but we’ll take it regardless.

Those not wishing to make calls can take advantage of the new built-in instant message features instead. It’s just like SMS, but not.

Perhaps the best feature is the price. Libon is still free, with a premium subscription available for those wishing to take advantage of some of the more powerful features. For your $2.99 per month, you’ll receive unlimited customized greetings, full-length transcription of all voicemail messages and unlimited storage and email copies of all of your voicemails.  On top of that, there’s an hour worth of international calls to non-Libon users a month, too.

What do you think?

  • nftnft

    So, if other people don’t have Libon, this is pretty useless. bah! I’m sticking to BobSled, I guess…

    • It’s better than BobSled! With the Premium option (and we can upgrade you for free), you can call landlines & mobiles in 31 destinations abroad. And with BobSled, you don’t have a free visual voicemail…

  • Damn $9.99 a month is a bit steep for a service that won’t work with everyone

    • What do you mean Liam “that won’t work with everyone”? Also, feel free to tweet us @twitter-78967346:disqus, we’d be more than happy to offer you the Premium option for one year 🙂

      • Ohh my bad, I completely misread that part. And by “not work with everyone” I mean that not every one of my friends have iOS/Android so I wouldn’t be able to use this service with them

      • Yeah our next step is to launch on Android, and then more operating systems!

    • Hahaha, bet you wern’t expecting a reply from Libon. 🙂

      • haha not at all

      • @facebook-593095604:disqus & @twitter-369569527:disqus well, we just want to keep everyone happy and discover how awesome @twitter-78967346:disqus is!

      • well if anything, we must shake your hand well done on user satisfaction. Something that seems lost in recent years

      • 🙂

    • SparrowHawk

      It’s per year, not per month…

  • Arlan

    @facebook-593095604:disqus It’s only $9,99 per year. At least that’s what it says in the article.

  • Irfan

    Trying from last 2 hours, but cannot make free calls, just showing connecting. i am trying it from Dubai and guy is sitting right front of me. i can send sms using Libon 🙁

  • sadaN

    Does any of it work in Brazil?
    I doubt so, nothing works over here LOL.

    • Sadan, yes it should work!

  • Its nice to See Libon Giving Feedback right in the Comments Section 🙂

  • Damian Evans

    Feel free to tweet us and we can upgrade you? Is that an open invitation?! 🙂

    • It is, Damian 🙂

  • Falk M.

    Let me record my calls and I’m sold and will recommend it to all my friends.

    • It’d be an interesting feature indeed. Thanks @falkmeyer:disqus, we’ll think about it

      • Falk M.

        Wow, great to hear that!

        This would be a server-side based feature I assume, as iOS restricts you from actually recording both audio streams.
        Bonus if the recorded track is stereo and hence the audio received is separate from the audio sent.

      • I’m pretty sure it is illegal to record the person you are talking to without consent from said person.

      • Falk M.

        And I said I want to do this without permission when?

        Heck, my old Siemens dumbphone could do this, why is my smartphone less capable than a featurephone?

        In other news: Cars can be used to illegally kill people by running over them and knives don’t always stay in the kitchen.

  • You’re getting there, but unfortunately, nothing beats free. No benefit over Viber+GV Phone, except for the integrated smart Visual Voicemail; which IMO, is not worth another monthly bill.

    • @MrElectrifyer:disqus well with Viber & Google Voice, you can’t call landlines & other mobiles abroad… with Libon, you can!

      • Last time I checked, you can call anywhere with GV for a fee, but within North America (LandLine or Cell Phone) is free. Don’t see an option for that with Libon.