As we’re sorting through all of the major changes in iTunes 11, the Interwebs is starting to light up with reports of the little things and nice-to-haves that Apple did not include in the full changelog for iTunes 11. One of such features that I know will be hugely popular with parents and people who buy iTunes Gift Cards is the ability to redeem any such card with your Mac’s camera, without typing in a single character, just like that. It’s just one of those little things that make life more easier and enjoyable. Here’s how it works…

Kudos to Buster Heine of Cult of Mac for spotting this feature.

“Users can simply hold their giftcard up to the FaceTime camera on their Mac and iTunes will read the code and redeem the value for it”, he writes.

Simply fire up iTunes 11, go to the iTunes Store and click the “Redeem” link on the right side. The familiar-looking Redeem page will pop up, offerin a new option to use the Mac’s FaceTime camera to redeem the giftcard.

It’s an awesome feature, but Apple could have taken it a little further. For example, why not let me use the camera on my iOS device, in case I have an older Mac without a built-in camera (or perhaps it’s broken or whatever).

At any rate, I’m absolutely loving this feature. Stuff like this stands as a testament to why we love Apple and appreciate its engineers sweating over the little things.


  • Andrew Weissman

    Awesome feature! Though I do agree that they should let us do the same with our iPhones/iPads/iPods. Maybe in iOS 6.1?

    • Falk M.


      Apple doesn’t make a remotely good use of the dream team iPhone + Mac could be.
      The potential to bring features that propagate the vertical integration Apple is praised so much for (and which they seem to concentrate less and less on) is just insane.

      Also I hope this would not be “app”ified – just push a call to iPhone to open a hidden app that will send the barcode info to Mac and close the app shortly after.
      I hate that iPhone needs to do every piece of little thing with apps and app switching, interoperability is a nightmare between apps and devices.

  • iTunes 11 make whole lot of sense right now. Just few minutes with it is just an awesome experience. Well, i think Scott has been holding us back. C’mon apple you can kill the next iOS update just like this awesome iTunes 11. Its fantastic design & great features. Loveeeee it:)

    • Tardroid

      we don’t want apple to kill iOS. LOL

  • Peter_tom

    doesn´t work for me in germany 🙁

  • mdee4

    This feature is stupid, so far. I tried to use it and could not get it to correctly scan my card.

    • You can always, you know… type it in if it doesn’t work for you. Just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean its stupid.

  • rosssimpson

    I don’t get this feature with my itunes 11 here in the UK, no camera option 🙁

  • Guest