According to a new report, Apple Care representatives are installing pre-release builds of iTunes 11 as we speak, most likely part of an effort to give them a couple hour lead time ahead of the official worldwide release later today. As you know, the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that iTunes 11, after being delayed for a month due to unspecified “engineering issues” requiring parts to be rebuilt, will be ready for public consumption on Thursday, November 29…

“We’re getting word that Apple has begun seeding select AppleCare representatives with “PRERELEASE” builds of the upcoming iTunes 11 app”, Mark Gurman writes on the 9to5Mac blog. “It is unclear if these builds point to a release today, as the WSJ predicted, and if they are the final versions”, he adds.

We’re expecting tighter iCloud integration, redesigned artist pages with pictures and nice photo galleries, a new mini player, overhauled library view, other expanded views, In the Store recommendations, the Up Next feature for queuing up songs, the Preview History button for a quick rundown of all the iTunes Store media sampled and more.

In a follow-up post over at the WSJ Blogs, author Jessica E. Lessin re-iterates some of the features expected in iTunes makeover, noting the software “is more visual”.

It looks less like a spreadsheet and has much larger graphics (in that respect it is more like iTunes on iPhones and iPads).

It is also more closely integrated with iCloud, Apple’s year-old data syncing services. Purchases show up in users’ main libraries and can be streamed to other devices.

Thanks to iCloud, you will be able to start watching a movie or listening to a song on one device and pick up where you left off on another. As for a rumored streaming music service from Apple, it won’t debut alongside iTunes 11.

The status of Apple’s effort to launch a more direct competition to those, iTunes Radio, remains unclear.

Be that as it may, Eddy Cue & Co. surely won’t miss an opportunity to tap the 400+ million iTunes accounts and more than half the music download market Apple owns to deliver a subscription-based streaming music option.

Though I am a Music Match subscriber ($25 a year), literally all of my music discovery and purchasing happens on Spotify these days so Apple better come up with something if it wants me back as a customer.

What are your expectations of iTunes 11?

  • haha if its not the final version then apple might wanna release another apology and extend the deadline again cause they only have 2 more days

  • So annoying! Did Apple every released something on a Thursday? I dont think so. I only remember releases at Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. And they saying to release something on November and wait till the last day. This is stupid and so annoying.

  • Well hopefully we will see it at 10

    • Maybe but this kind of leads me to believe that we’ll see it tomorrow 🙁

  • Shakur Ali

    Is 6.1 comeing with iTunes 11

    • what made you think that, 6.1 will probably be after xmas or before

    • Just download a the beta 2 version, hold option when hitting update on your iPhone or iDevice in iTunes and there you have it!

  • Tr1pTr0p

    For f sake, I’ve been waiting for the past week… Release the damn thing already! (nvm! It’s finally here! :D)

  • Its out! xD

  • Is everyone’s jailbreak still safe after upgrading?

  • eder morisset

    iTunes 11 available for downloaded

  • wow now this is exciting