Apple has filed for a patent to solve one of mankind’s most troubling questions: how do I recharge my iPad with this annoyingly-short power cord? In the application, the company suggests a ‘realistic’ way to wirelessly recharge your iDevice via near-field resonance. While near-field technology is more often used to grab data off your credit card at the grocery store, Apple sees the technology as a way to cut the cord between your laptop, iPad or iPhone and a wall charger, the way your mouse was set free years prior…

“In this way, a realistic and practical approach to wireless transferring usable amounts of power over distances suitable for limited applications can be realized,” Apple writes in the application entitled “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment” and first reported by AppleInsider.

Apple calls the current method of plugging a charger into a wall socket “unwieldy”.

A side-benefit of using a near-field system is that any other devices within the area could also take advantage of the power transmission, creating what Apple calls a “virtual charging area”.

The recharger, according to the publication, would be similar to how third-party wireless devices transmit connections to a mouse or keyboard. The main difference is what Apple’s technology would wirelessly transmit both both the device’s data connection as well as its power.

It’s unclear whether you could actually wirelessly recharge your iPhone or iPad, or be limited to smaller accessories. In the patent application, Apple lists a mouse or keyboard as potential users of the recharger.

Would you like to have an Apple-provided wireless charging solution for the iPhone?

  • Hope it turns out good and does not drains battery life.

  • that will be awesome

  • I’d Love to

  • Getting rid of wires is always nice!

    • Not always the best tho! I still would much rather use Cat 6E than wireless in my house!

      • ReanimationXP

        Who in the hell needs 10Gbit in their house? Cat5e or Cat6 is fine..

  • Rilshad


  • Hi! I am technology and this is Cancer!

    • Thats what i was thinking haha :L

    • ReanimationXP

      Wireless power wouldn’t cause Cancer, ffs. Tesla found a way to provide free wireless power to the world before he was shut down (both physically and financially) by businesses who knew they couldn’t make a buck off of free unlimited wireless energy. (Also it probably would have created enormous lightning bolts in the sky between the towers, but eh, whatever.)

      Would Telsa have given you Cancer?

  • So does this mean that assuming it works well, I could have my phone in my room, my pocket or on my desk and it would be constantly charging with me having to do anything? Awesome!

    • Hyr3m

      Nah, you’d have to set it down on a “charging plate”. It’s induction charging, aka near-field; Just like NFC you need to have less than an inch or so between the two things. It’s a bit like what’s inside your usual power supply/power adapter. You might want to do some reading :

      Why the fuck are they trying to patent something that already exists and that they are far from having invented ?
      What I’m afraid of, besides the obvious additional EMF pollution, is that it might interfere with the phone’s antennae and maybe slow down data or block enough of it that your phone drains the battery trying to send packets over and over again and sending “I didn’t get that” messages to the cell tower… hence even more EMF pollution and a likely slowed down charging (which has already a lower efficiency than cable-charging).

      • Alessandro

        Nope. They’re trying to patent a wireless charging station. The exact opposite of inductive charging.

  • Gino

    When is DOOM day again????

  • In electronics, this is usually refer as energy transfer, there are many reasons why these mustn’t be implemented because of hazards and some other factors like energy transfer loss, or system generation loss charge. Hmmm yet if they perfect these, let us say why not.

  • In 1 word:

  • Falk M.

    I’d love to see such chargers implemented in public transportation and buildings like unis etc etc…

  • on a 4s? lol

  • Not so sure I like this idea. I was just looking around Kickstarter and there is a project there to use the iPhone to detect EMF. Seriously considering getting it.

    I think we already live in houses that are full of EMF and adding something this powerful to be able to charge without plugging in may be a recipe for health problems.

    Just because we can do it, does not mean we have to. What’s the issue with plugging in anyway?

    • Hyr3m

      Agreed, if people complain about short cables, they should make longer ones, not bombard you with even more EMF pollution…

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  • solar combined with kinetic would be perfect… cause our phones move alot and get exposed to alot of light… so if our batteries are always trickle charging it will be perfect

  • I had the same idea but I think apple got there first.

  • NFC type wireless charging can already be found on the Nokia Lumia 920 and also several android phones using the Qi standard.

    I’m not sure if Apple’s method is different, but if it not som I’m quite disappointed with Apple at their inability to integrate already existing technology.