Since Apple unveiled the third-generation Apple TV earlier this year, folks have been clamoring for it to be jailbroken. It has a faster processor, double the RAM and streams video in a higher quality — who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it?

And there’s no one itching for an Apple TV 3 jailbreak more than the folks over at FireCore, the makers of the popular aTV Flash software suite. Well today, the team spoke out about the progress (or lack there of) that is being made on the hack…

From FireCore’s blog post:

“As you may recall we were very optimistic about the ATV3 when it originally launched back in March, and while this optimism remains unchanged it’s clear things have not progressed as quickly as anyone would have liked. The biggest hurdle that has yet to be overcome is also the most essential – the jailbreak. While we tend to think of ourselves as pretty resourceful, the security related expertise that is required in order to release a jailbreak for iOS based devices like the ATV is just not in our wheelhouse, and we’re simply left to encourage the capable few as best we can.”

Unfortunately, as with the iPhone 5 and other newer devices, it doesn’t sound like much has changed on the ATV jailbreak front. FireCore says that efforts are ongoing to find a solution for both the ATV2 (5.1 untethered) and the ATV3, but so far no luck.

The lack of an Apple TV 3 jailbreak continues to drive up the price of its predecessor. On Amazon, right now, the second generation ATV is listed at a staggering $259.99, while the third gen model has been discounted down to $89 for the holidays.

For those of you who are lucky enough to own a second-gen Apple TV, on older firmware, we do have tutorials on how to jailbreak it. And if you’re interested in FireCore’s aTV Flash software, you can find it on their website (they just released a huge update).

  • jose castro

    looks like hopes for all jailbreaks for any new apple devices are going to be a long time away. 🙁

    • yup.. if you have a 4S and or ipad 3 in 5.1.1 you are a very lucky person..

  • Guest

    Soon we have jailbreak just chill

    • jose castro

      i agree… patience is the key

      • Guest

        A year later… Is patience still the key?

  • I’m good on iOS 5.1.1 got plenty of battery life 🙂

  • FabianPVD

    It will come eventually. I love my ATV2!

  • 1337lolzorz

    I love my jailbroken ATV2. I probably wouldn’t even sell it for $500.

    • genXhippie

      Same here. 😉

    • i love my 4S and ipad 3 jailbroken … i would not sell those either

  • Easy to say we are encouraging experts to make jailbreak.

    But that’s quite ridiculous they are a business that makes money exploiting other people expertise. If they were fair and honest, they would employ someone to do that for them.But they are greedy, and that’s that.

    They are not being true neither to customers or to experts!

    No wonder there is no jailbreak…

  • ???? A tv3 jailbreak yes or no fire core one year weating. Plz hurry

  • Somebody create a JB and sell is to FireCore already…


    bla bla bla …. just do it !

  • genXhippie

    “It has a faster processor, double the RAM and streams video in a higher quality — who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it?”, me. 😛

    Only because of XBMC, I’ll stick w/ with my ATV2 over an ATV3. 😉

  • Is seems like the jailbreak community has lost ALL of its major players/talent. There has not been much news of progress of any kind for any jailbreak for quite some time now………Maybe they are just taking a break? Or has Apple gotten that much better at protecting its software? I don’t know but I sure would like to jailbreak my apple tv3. I just knew when I bought it that it would only be a matter of days possibly weeks before they had a jailbreak out for it……..a year later and we are all still waiting.

  • I own a ATV 2 jailbroken with XMBC and Navi X plugin installed, I also have the same installed on my 3rd Gen iPad, I have considered selling the ATV and taking the cash increase and upgrading to the ATV3. Would I lose out? No, streaming all that content is easy from the iPad so no loss, still able to watch ice movies, sports streams, user content etc.. On the big screen via mirroring.

  • lol same situation exists with ipad 3 vs ipad 4 …… ipad 3 on 5.1.1 is very very valuable because of its jailbreakability…

  • hans

    i guess im going to trash my atv3 or give it to a homeless person :(((((

  • Perhaps we need a cash reward to motivate the devs on this front. I highly doubt they spend all their free time trying to solve this problem.

  • Robert A

    Firecore? what do they do for the jailbreak scene again? Oh. thats right, they take other people’s hard work and repackage it. Firecore’s take on any of this is irrelevant to me…

  • aaron singh

    finally – shall be there by end of this month?

  • Antonio Cidade

    i just bought the Apple TV3, and i been seaching for a jailbreak for eversince, until i found out there is no jailbreak for it yet. pretty sad. should’ve done my research before i bough it.

  • Frmmtl

    Just sold my ATV 2 for $250. Barely used it. Managed to make $150 off of it so why not take it and run before they figure out away to JB the ATV 3 and prices crash.

    • Larry Toulch

      About your Apple tv 2 you sold , what difference will the Apple tv 3 be

      I would appreciate your reply thanks!

      • AF

        The major difference is that the Apple TV 2 can be Jailbroken which, just like a Jailbroken iPhone, allows you to install some custom software. Once Jailbroken you can install apps like XBMC, a web browser, a file browser, etc. you can’t do that with the Apple TV 3. In terms of stock hardware though, the advantage the newer Apple TV 3 has is that it plays 1080p and I believe has a slightly better processor.

  • Bass

    Bought my Apple TV3 this summer, it is still in the box awaiting the arrival of the jailbreak for it. Without XBMC it is still an inferior product, although the hardware is twice as good …

  • this is the wrong place to bring it up. But you can get any Android box with HDMI out in 1080p, Get one with AMLogic M3 chipset and you can run the official XBMC build, Just saying.. The price is even around 60 – 80 $US

  • Daku

    its now 1/23/13 are there any updates i heard they might release it end of January for the jailbreak apple tv 3 please reply if you have info

  • firas

    can we Jailbreak Apple TV 4th gen? if yes can you ples tell me how

  • david

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