If a report published Monday by Focus Taiwan is to be trusted, Taiwanese should have a chance to get their hands on the iPhone 5 starting December 14. Local carriers Far Eastone Telecommunications, Taiwan Mobile and Chunghwa Telecom all confirmed they are in the final stages of signing a distribution agreement with Apple as the sides are apparently working out the details. Taiwan’s carriers plan to start taking pre-orders for the device a week before the planned December 14 launch…

According to Focus Taiwan, citing local media reports, the iPhone 5 is “very likely” to hit the local market on December 14, more than two and a half months after it rolled out in 31 other markets.

The Silicon Valley giant has yet to “give its consent” to related details, including the release date, carriers’ contract plans and the content of press releases, the carriers added.

Terms of iPhone 5 deals in Taiwan were not known at press time.

Asked whether they would offer higher-priced contract plans that would allow customers to take home the device for free, the plans that would allow customers to take home the device for free, the providers only said they are still discussing many plans with Apple.

The iPhone 4S hit Taiwan in December 2011, two months following its October introduction in the United States. Taiwanese carriers collected 400,000 iPhone 4S pre-orders.

The report goes on to note that the carriers have no plans to throw parties celebrating the arrival of Apple’s new handset. The promo event the three carriers threw at midnight on the day iPhone 4 was released in Taiwan attracted 10,000 people.

Availability of Apple’s handset has been improving lately as the company finally catches up to demand. Today, some international online Apple Store began quoting a one-week delivery estimate for online iPhone 5 orders, an improvement over the previous 2-3 week shipping times.

The handset is also easier to find in brick-and-mortar stores.

Apple previously said it will make the iPhone 5 available in about a hundred countries and through 240 carriers by the end of 2012. The handset is expected to land in China later this month or in December.

iPhone sales in so-called BRIC countries have been dropping amid the onslaught of Android cheapos and Apple’s arrogance in dealing with carriers.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is calling for a sub-$200, contract-free iPhone if Apple is to win some of the market share in emerging markets from Android.

Recognizing Android’s lead in terms of units sales, social networking giant Facebook is reportedly offering its engineers to trade in their iPhones for Android devices.

  • Hopefully Malaysia also

  • Loco

    I’m from Taiwan and all my friends in taiwan were all crazy about iPhone 5 since the launch in the US, luckily I study in philadelphia so i pre-ordered it and got mine two months ago. Taiwan always get late Apple products and btw there’s NON apple store in Taiwan, theres only authorized resellers which a lot of time run out of stock and they only provide warranty for the apple products that was sold only inTaiwan not in any other country. The other thing is that the “Taiwan” version of the iphone 4 and 4S’s back cover glass also look different from the one we get in the US and most of the countries, there’s a weird looking AT&T look a like logo at the bottom and all the words( Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China……) are all in Chinese. I just don’t get it, people are crazy about apple product in taiwan and are willing to pay whatever to get them but still doesn’t have ONE single apple store…

    • Doesn’t Taiwanese people speak Chinese? So what’s wrong with Chinese writing on the iPhone? Hong Kong is really close to Taiwan why not go there and buy iPhone?

      • Will

        Not everyone is willing to pay for a flight ticket to HK just in order to buy an iPhone,and the most important thing is that iPhone from other country like US,UK,China(HongKong) won’t be able to get warranty in Taiwan

      • Loco

        i personally like it to be original so i kinda like it in english instead of chinese and also without that AT&T look a like weird logo at the bottom. The iphones sold In Hong Kong are all in english but they speak cantonese, and btw the way hong kong sell their iPhone 5 is that you have to sign up for it, you get nothing if you just walk in the store, and in order to sign up you have to have HK ID, my gf is from HK and she did it that way and it’s not that you signed and you’ll get it, you’ll have to wait till they notify you that when and where you can come and pick up then you can go. So…. yea

    • Will

      我也是台灣人,但我很好奇”Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”用中文寫有什麼好奇怪的嗎?

      • Loco

        就喜歡他跟原版的一樣囉, 香港版的也都是英文啊, 而且台灣的還會多一個怪怪的圖案在下方我不太喜歡, 但也只是我個人意見,請見諒

    • as Lori explained I am taken by surprise that any one able to profit $5302 in four weeks on the network