Apple launched its first retail store(s) on May 19, 2001. It was the fruition of Steve Jobs’ vision to improve Mac sales by giving consumers a top-notch shopping experience. Several analysts, of course, predicted the failure of the chain.

But as we all know, Jobs proved everyone wrong. Apple Stores have since exploded, and there are now close to 400 of them around the world, making more money per square foot than high-end jewelry stores. And here’s how they did it…

9to5Mac points us to this interesting clip from Washington Square Films (NYC). It’s an internal Apple video from last year, with ex-SVP of retail Ron Johnson, that kind of gives us some insight into the company’s retail prowess.

The video is actually very well done. And it’s kind of cool to see how Apple Stores went from small, in-mall locations to these prestigious buildings — both contemporary and historic — that Apple believes can change communities.

It’s also kind of sad to see Ron Johnson in the clip, as you can see he was clearly good at what he did. As most of you know, Johnson left Apple last year to be the CEO of JC Pennys, and was replaced by the recently-fired John Browett.

What did you think of the video?

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  • I havent’t been to many stores, but Covent Garden and Shanghai are really beautiful stores. Honestly, I can’t think of any other company who has ever pulled it off like Apple does.

  • Toni

    Hope they don’t drown in their greatness. 🙂 Apple stores are overcrowded and the employees get very littel money. I don’t like them and buy from my local reseller.

    • How much do you really expect for a sales man? $30 per hour?

  • Ron Johnson sounds remarkably like Steve.

  • Ron may have been good at apple but he ain’t doing a good job at jc Penney.

  • i love it, it really captured the vibrant atmosphere of an apple store.

  • Miras safadi

    loved it! made me want to work there 😉

  • englishmike

    Wish they would learn to pronounce “Covent” correctly!