After Apple rejected Sparrow’s iPhone 5 update earlier in the month, critics cried foul and commentators happily pointed out Apple was attempting to derail the popular email client for iOS devices and Macs. There was little hope left for new features after Google acquired Sparrow in June. Plus, the search giant acknowledged as much when it said the Sparrow team would move to Google’s Mountain View offices to work on new Gmail features. It’s a welcome sign, then, that a new version of Sparrow just surfaced on the App Store. Though short of features, it does bring out two major nice-to-haves: support for the iPhone 5’s taller display and Passbook integration…

Support for Passbook, a new stock app in iOS 6, allows Sparrow to send .pkpass files to the Passbook app.

These small files are embedded in confirmation email messages when buying tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and other items Passbook understands.

Apart from the iPhone 5 and Passbook support, changelog makes no mention of other tweaks.

If you don’t have it, Sparrow will run you three bucks on the App Store.


The program supports all iOS devices natively except iPads.

Do you still use Sparrow following the Google acquisition?

I’ve tried lots of different email clients and I still like Sparrow better than any other program. Sure, I miss a feature here and there.

For example, a Mail-like VIP recipient list would be nice and lack of push support’s been ticking me off.

But overall, it gets the job done and it does it fast – that’s all I care about in an email client.

  • unrelated but when I respring, it just shows me the dial but won’t restart unless I hard reboot. anybody know how to fix this? it happens when I respring after updating or installing from Cydia.

    • Hunter Ulmes

      try re running the jailbreak with redsn0w

  • Where is the ipad version Sparrow!? Much disappointment.

    • Damian W

      ipad version was supposed to be out months ago, but after google bought it, they stopped developing ipad version. Hopefully, some awesome google mail will be released in the near future.

      • It takes more than 6 months to create an app? Not to mention, from Google…..

      • Damian W

        I believe that Apple is the one slowing development by rejecting the apps that try to access too many files. Who knows, what they are doing. Sparrow was the only one going in right direction, now there is none.

  • So after waiting for exact 2 months it has been finally released , but it crashes every single time i wish to open it .. 🙁

    • SimonReidy

      A lot of people have had this problem. Deleting the app and reinstalling fixed it for me.

      • Sviergn

        Nope. Deleted and reinstalled, didn’t help. Clearly the clowns who managed the release of this update didn’t think testing it was a priority.

  • The regular mail client has always been good enough for me. Why is it that this one is so popular?

    • momerathe

      the regular mail client doesn’t handle some of gmail’s extra features very well, such as conversations (doesn’t include sent items) and labels

      • oh, I see. I do like the labels in gmail very much. I use this for business emails more than anything. So Sparrow can handle gmail then?

      • momerathe

        it was designed for gmail specifically, so yes. I use it on both the desktop and iPhone, although in truth I think the iPhone UI isn’t all that great, and the lack of reliable push (even with jailbreak) is an annoyance.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t do without push. So maybe I will not be getting it then. It was really sounding promising too. :[

  • Zomer

    Sparrow for iOS sucks, no possibility to make it your default mail client, no push support, those two already sealed the deal in not buying it.

  • Tom

    I used to use Sparrow as my default mail client on my jaibroken iPhone 4. I had Sparrow+ which enabled push and made e-mail links open in Sparrow. It was great. I even hid using SB Settings. I miss those days. I have to use on my iPhone 5 as I need push. Hopefully when (if) an untether comes out for iPhone 5, I’ll move back to Sparrow. Until then, I’m stuck with Mail.