With Thanksgiving tomorrow, retailers are preparing for the upcoming rush of Black Friday patrons. Stores everywhere will be offering up crazy discounts to help fuel the busiest shopping day of the year.

In fact, some sales have already begun. Best Buy is offering a nice deal on third generation iPads, and EA, Gameloft and others have started discounting iOS games. And now, MacMall’s Black Friday sale is on…

As noted by MacRumors, online retailer MacMall has kicked off its Black Friday sale this afternoon. For the next few days, it will be offering nice discounts on current and previous generation iPads, iPods and more.

Here are a few of the deals it has going on right now (full list of discounts here):

  • 16GB Wi-Fi iPad (4th generation) $473.99
  • 32GB Wi-Fi iPad (4th generation) $557.99
  • 64GB Wi-Fi iPad (4th generation) $653.99
  • 32GB iPod touch (5th generation) $284.98
  • 64GB iPod touch (5th generation) $394.00
  • Apple TV (3rd generation) $89.00
  • 16GB Wi-Fi iPad (3rd generation) $429.99
  • 16GB Wi-Fi iPad (2nd generation) $377.99
  • 8GB iPod touch (4th generation) $179.99

In addition to these deals, MacMall’s selection of MacBooks, including both Airs and the new Pro models with Retina displays, are also on sale. You’ll find almost any Mac computer has been discounted by at least $100.

Of course, we’re all still waiting on Apple to reveal its Black Friday specials. The company has posted a teaser page for the sale on its website, but has yet to name specific pricing. Here’s its Black Friday deals from last year.

MacMall’s sale expires at midnight on Friday.

  • J M

    I understand to some, the $20 discount is a big deal, but it almost feels more like a marketing gimmick, like a $499 price tag feeling so much cheaper than something at $501. It’s a mind game, not a real Black Friday deal.

    • That’s the very psychology of pricing all things. $499.99 will always feel cheaper than $500.00. Pricing an item just below a flat denomination like, say, $299.00 instead of $300.00, makes that item seem like it’s in the $200-$300 range. Pretty genius really.

      • J M

        I understand that, and maybe I didn’t make the point well. But to call this a great sale, or even a sale for “Black Friday” is just silly when it is $20 off a $500 item…

      • Yeah no doubt. I guess that’s the best you can do when it comes to Apple products…

  • pateljj04

    I saw the other day MacMall had a $1 off something and called it a mega sale.

  • iPod touch 5G 64GB is 5$ off!! Wow big savings

  • These are not big enough discounts for me. I am going to try to find some RAM on sale. Has anyone found any yet?