eBay earlier this month started offering Apple-certified refurbished products on its web store. With Apple’s Black Friday teaser and 2012 Holiday Gift Guide now live, we thought highlight eBay’s offering would appeal to cash-strapped shoppers. Available right here as a new section on the auction site, eBay’s Apple Certified Refurbished Products list is akin to Apple’s own refurbished offering in that both have passed through the same quality inspection. You should definitely consider refurbs and here’s why…

The iPads, iPods and MacBooks are all available at a reduced price and include a one-year warranty, a re-installed operating system and bundled software and come repackaged with manual and cable.

Even better, all iPads and iPods include a brand new battery. These products are good as new and have only been used lightly. Prices, of course, are notably lower compared to retail prices of their non-refurbished counterparts.

PhoneArena highlights two deals:

For example, a 64GB Apple-certified refurbished, 3rd-gen, Wi-Fi-only Black iPad can be purchased for $549 compared to $699 brand new, a $150, or 21 percent discount.

And a 15.4″ Apple MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz processor, 4GB of synchronous dynamic random access memory and a 750GB hard drive is being offered at $1,699 compared to $1,999 brand new, a $300, or 15 percent discount.

Neither eBay nor Apple at press time offered refurbished iPhones.

If you’re among the people who deem Apple hardware overpriced, refurbs offer an awesome opportunity to get your hands on good-as-new products that can save you a bundle.

Those of you who bought a refurbished Apple product, please share your experience with others down in the comments.

  • Apple hardware is overpriced?? in US?? omg! people, you don’t know what ‘overpriced’ means! You have the best prices for Apple devices in the world! Just imagine – you can buy iPhone 5 on contract for $199 and we (from Belarus) still have to pay $1100 (or even more) for 16Gb model. It’s terrible! I really wish i lived in US or at least had an opportunity to buy an iPhone 5 for quite adeqate price

    • How much are your plans there? A typical plan here(US) is $100/month that added up over 2 years is $2400 plus $200 for the phone. Most countries have much more reasonable plans.

    • just bought my iPhone 5 $2800 .. i could have bought a car with tha money.. and i got it from a friend ( Friend Discount ) .. 64gb sell $3700 here in St. Lucia

  • Freemz

    Really, $199 on contract is a lot, we in the UK get the iPhone 5 (and all older iPhones when released) for free on a contract, that to my calculations is cheaper than the US.

    • Compare first the price of the contracts and you will find you are still paying more in the UK even with a “free” iPhone.
      There is no place cheaper than the US to buy any Apple products.

      • Freemz

        iPhone 5 32gb on O2 for 24 months, unlimited calls, text & internet, upgrade free after 18 months. For only £41 per month, unsure though if the US are that cheap or not

  • Absolutely right, theirs nothing wrong with refurbished, I get refurbished iPhones all the time & and they look brand new.

  • suzdawg

    I’ve had my refurbished iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years (got it on New Year’s Eve). No problems whatsoever. Thinking about holding on to it a little longer, depending on when (if?) an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak is released.