Apple continues to lead mobile advertising, despite Samsung’s strength in handset sales, a new report out Monday indicates. Apple accounted for 37 percent of mobile ads while Samsung had 24 percent. The rest of the mobile pack were left in the two firms’ dust. Cupertino’s mobile ad lead over Samsung actually grew by three percent during the third quarter, with a little help from the iPhone 5, which was released at the end of the third quarter, according to Adfonic’s AdMetrics report…

Both Apple and Samsung released new products which could affect the mobile ad race in the fourth quarter.

For the ad firm, the question is how Apple’s new products and Samsung’s new devices, such as the Galaxy S3 Mini will impact the standings.

Currently, Apple tops the mobile handset ratings based on just the iPhone. Samsung had seven handsets in the top 10 list, according to the report.

According to Adfonic CEO Victor Malachard:

It is significant that, even though Samsung is making huge inroads in device ownership and gaining mobile advertising share, it is still losing ground to Apple.

And these results don’t take into account the impact of new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, the iPad mini and the new iPad, which will be felt during the fourth quarter.

Here’s your chart.

Apple’s lead in mobile ads served to tablets is even more dominant. Apple’s devices attracted 63 percent of ad impressions during the third quarter, versus 5 percent for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Where did the other tablet makers fall in the report?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire ranked #3 with 3.6 percent of mobile ad impressions, while Asus’ Eee Pad was listed #7 and Acer’s Iconia Tab 10.1 was #8. In the celler, at #10: Sony’s Tablet S.

It wasn’t immediately clear where the disconnect for Samsung might be. Obviously the South Korean firm is unable to convert its smartphone share lead into a greater share of mobile advertising.

What’s your opinion?

Is there something intrinsically different about iOS users to make them more attractive to advertisers?

  • All other android devices are like, cook said …in a drawer or warehouse..cause doesn’t look like people are using them… At this point android should be having the most impressions, but apple still does..that says about how much android users use their devices..haha


    I’m surprised that, even with Google’s larger audience and predilection for free apps versus paid apps, Apple still dominates. Free apps typically support themselves through ads. Puzzling. Perhaps a small part of it has to do with Apple having more customers doing well financially (though, in my own experience, I do see a diversity among iPhone users, especially now that there are cheaper options with older models like the still for sale free iPhone 4 and $100 iPhone 4S.).