Rock and roll fans rejoice! As noted by several other publications, AC/DC has finally made its music available in the iTunes Store. Up until now, the Australian rock band, who has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, had been avoiding selling its music through iTunes in an effort to help preserve the album format…

Lifehacker Australia reports:

“Once the Beatles signed up, Australian hard rockers AC/DC were the biggest major act holding out from selling their music on iTunes (or in any other digital music store). That changed today, with AC/DC finally realising that if rock and roll ain’t noise pollution, you might as well make money while the download sun shines.”

In addition to making its older albums available, AC/DC is also selling two new digital collections. You can buy all of its studio albums for $99.99, or a complete box set with additional tracks and live albums for $149.99. That compilation includes a new digital-only live album, Live At River Plate, which was previously DVD-only.

It’s interesting that it took AC/DC so long to come around. It’s obvious that digital is the way of the future. And it seems like at this point, you really only have two options: make your content available in a store like iTunes, or fall subject to pirating. The funny thing is, we’re watching the same thing happen with movies and TV shows.

So, who’s excited about AC/DC hitting iTunes?

  • Guest

    Hope they write a song called “you give iTunes a bad name”

  • davred64

    Greatest rock band of all time,but if your a fan of any band why would you want to pay for something that you can install yourself ! dont get why anyone would want to get ripped off

  • davred64


    Surely not getting AC/DC mixed up with Bon Jovi thats a sin

  • Falk M.

    “That compilation includes a new digital-only live album, Live At River Plate, which was previously DVD-only.”

    How can exclusivity be doubled?
    It’s not >anything<-only anymore.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    …because we couldn’t have listened to AC/DC if they weren’t in iTunes…

    • davred64

      i’ve got tonnes of AC/DC on my iphone which i put on myself no need to pay itunes for music i already have

  • skychet

    Is it considered blood money if Apple gets money from The Beatles signing up on iTunes… Right after Michael Jackson died? Because that’s exactly what happened.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Tool needs to do the same 😛 ….sucks not being able to buy their music on itunes