Just in time for latest LTE iPads that Friday morning hit online and brick-and-mortar stores of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Best Buy, the nation’s #1 carrier AT&T announced its 4G LTE is now available in 24 new markets in the United States. More importantly, the company claims to have doubled its LTE coverage in 2012 versus the end of 2011.

Specifically its LTE now covers more than 150 million people in a total of 103 markets. As part of its ambitious $14 billion LTE network expansion project, AT&T’s LTE will expand to 250 million people by year-end 2013 and to 300 million by year-end 2014…

AT&T’s media release paints its LTE coverage as better than those of rival Verizon.

AT&T 4G LTE is part of the nation’s largest 4G network, which covers more than 285 million people and 3,000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon.

By the way, when it says “the nation’s largest 4G network”, AT&T really means both 3G HSPA+ and 4G LTE. Another jab at Verizon: AT&T’s customers can access 4G LTE speeds “outside of 4G LTE areas on the nation’s largest 4G network, unlike competitors, whose smartphone customers fall back to slower 3G technologies when outside of LTE coverage”.

As for Verizon, the company in August said its LTE network would soon cover two-thirds of the US population. The big red carrier is expected to complete the commercial deployment of LTE by mid-2013.

AT&T’s customers in Pensacola plus those in Saratoga and Saratoga Springs should start seeing 4G LTE in their area. Additionally, folks in Fairfield County will be delighted to know that the carrier expanded 4G LTE coverage in the area.

All told, 24 new markets getting AT&T’s LTE today are: Charleston, S.C., Columbia, S.C., Greenville, S.C., Columbus, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, Corvallis, Ore., Eugene, Ore., El Paso, Texas, Jonesboro, Ark., Mobile, Ala., Pensacola, Fla., Portland, Maine, Saratoga Springs, N.Y,, South Bend-Mishawaka, Ind., Bridgeport, CT expansion (in Fairfield County/Danbury) and South Detroit expansion (in Monroe/Downriver)

Wednesday saw AT&T light up LTE in eight new cities: Milwaukee, WI; Denver, CO; Louisville, KY; Orlando, FL; York, PA; Tacoma, WA; Annapolis, MD; and Provo, UT.

And last week, AT&T’s 4G LTE became available to customers in Little Rock, Arkansas, with expanded LTE coverage claimed in Bakersfield, California and Florida Keys, Florida.

If all goes according to plan, AT&T will cover 99 percent of all locations in its 22-state wireline service area with 4G LTE, taking advantage of about 118Mhz of spectrum nationwide.

How’s AT&T’s LTE coverage in your area?

  • This coverage is sparse at best. I live between NYC and Philly and no one I know has access to LTE. In fact, I don’t personally know anyone with an iPhone 5 who has been able to use LTE yet. Sad.

    • Seems they are covering the major metropolitan areas first. After, I assume they will go back and fill in the less covered areas. I’ve got LTE here in Cincinnati as I live downtown, but when I travel about 30-40 minutes outside the city I start to lose it.

    • I am in NYC also with AT&T iPhone 5, I know number of people with Verizon, we all have LTE coverage in Manhattan midtown.

      And I live in Queen, I have 99% LTE coverage since day 1 of iPhone 5 launch.

      • Lucky! I can see Philly from my house and still can’t get LTE.

      • I can’t go back to 3G or HSPA+… as soon as I see 4G sign on my phone… I will flip the airplane mode then LTE will come back!

        And yes, I am very surprised about how good is the LTE coverage in Manhattan and Queen.

  • ic0dex

    Well I dropped AT&T and went with Verizon when the iPhone 5 came out. I live in Los Angeles in the Sherman Oaks are and 98% of the time I have LTE and the speeds are great but some spots drop to 3G and I can tell you AT&T’s 3G was much faster then Verizon’s. What I’ve been dying to know how good is AT&T’s LTE in my are.

    Also if anyone here that had or has Verizon on an iPhone 4 or 4S how is your 3G service?

    • Yes, since 3G, at&t has way better speed than Verizon.

      I pick at&t in my case, because I don’t need voice.

      4G LTE could be much faster… in Hong Kong, they have up to 60Mbps with iPhone 5…

  • I live in Gainesville, Florida and there is no LTE here. There is “4G” but the coverage is very poor, I can be driving down a short stretch of street and lose signal. It’s really disappointing. In Orlando, though, the LTE is great. I’m looking forward to being able to tether my iPhone once I jailbreak it and use my unlimited data with LTE. It was because of my grandfathered unlimited data that I stuck with AT&T in the first place.

    • Until you get slowed down after 3GBs

      • Al

        On LTE you actually get slowed after 5 GBs, which for 30$ is not bad… Given the 5 GB plan cost 50$ a month..

      • Yup and I’d rather get slowed down than overcharged lol.

  • at&t lit up mobile,AL LTE yesterday morning and its a big improvement here my average dl is 24 and up is 18. i know that its not 50 dl but its a big improvement from 4 mb dl

  • I don’t see why they don’t put lte in north and south Dakota they have so much coverage here I live near the second largest city and we have hspa+ which isn’t bad but lte would be nice. I have also had an lte capable phone for quote some time.