We at iDB are big MOBiLE CLOTH fans as you can see from our previous review and multiple giveaways. “Who would get excited about a cleaning cloth,” you may be asking yourself. Well, after testing the cloth, we were pretty blown away. I recently tried my hand with a MOBiLE CLOTH and it certainly lived up to expectation. Without any additional cleaning agents or sprays, the dry cloth effortlessly destroyed all of the finger prints and smudges I accumulated while killing baddies playing one of my new favorite apps, ARC Squadron during my review. What impressed me the most is the effortless cleaning process.

To celebrate the launch of the iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini, we teamed up with MOBiLE CLOTH to also giveaway a 24 cleaning cloth gift set…

I have used other cleaning clothes across my years as an iDevice owner that require a little elbow grease to be effective. I was always worried about grinding a piece of lent or dust into the screen and scratching it with other cloths. The MOBiLE CLOTH requires minimal pressure with the most effective clean. Many close friends have called me the “Danny Tanner” of my time, obsessed with clean gadgets, even washing my hands before using them. The MOBiLE CLOTH meets my highest standards as a cleaning product and I will be recommending it to friends and family who have similar standards. In fact,

MOBiLE CLOTH is made of a unique high tech material consisting of microfibers 100 times thinner than a human hair! It is woven into a special pattern which we call “nubs”. Each nub acts like hundreds of tiny suction cups to pull fingerprints smudges, and all kinds of other junk away from the surface of your device and into the cloth with one or two swipes. No water or cleaning solution is needed. [MOBiLE CLOTH]

Most importantly, MOBiLE CLOTH is an affordable investment to keep your products looking and feeling crisp and smooth. With starter packs at $7.99 for two units, either nano or classic, you can nab a couple for cheap. If you are a US customer ordering a non-graphic cleaning cloth, you can also nab some cleaning cloths by entering “iDB” at checkout to get 20% off AND free shipping on orders $25 or more.

But, we are excited to offer you the chance to win one of their 24 gift packs, which contains 12 – 2 packs. So, you will be everyone’s best friend for the upcoming holidays. Give the gift of clean gadgets.


What do you have to do to win?

In order to win the 24 gift pack:

And the winner is…

Congratulations to @J0ZSH, the winner of our MOBiLE CLOTH giveaway. Thanks everyone for entering the contest. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we have plenty more contests lined up. As a matter of fact we have an iPad mini giveaway going on right now!

  • Finally a way to watch hd movies without all those finger prints in the way.

    Twitter @organicaudio

  • I want to win this because my iPod is extremely dirty when I put it into my pocket and it would be really handy to win this


  • it is dirty becuase i don’t have enought time to clean it properly

  • fx2908

    I just have greasy hands! 😉 @fx2908

  • For some reason my fingers are always greasy (eww 🙁 ) and makes my iPad really hard to use without trying to clean it every 10 seconds. This cloth would be super helpful!!

  • @atheeq91
    Dirty iPhones and iPads are in need of these

  • I need this. My screen is always smudged and I can never get it clean enough.


  • I work at Ghost Armor and my job is to apply screen protectors to almost anything. I’ve armor’d thousands of devices but cleaning them beforehand is a nasty job. A lot of devices come in covered with grease and dirt etc. MOBiLE CLOTH’s product would be an amazing tool to make my job easier and cleaner!


  • kokeropie

    My kid likes to play iPad while eating, so needless to say…..I really need this wonderful MOBiLE CLOTH

  • I work, like hard. Dirty work, surprisd Mike Rowe hasn’t knocked on my door. Sometimes I work with my ipad which have a lot of PDFs that help me on the job.

  • @Blomstermand

    My 2 1/2 year old son mess up my ipad 2 pretty much when he uses it all day long, so I would really like to win. ;o)

  • OriDahan

    my niece is always playing with my iPad so you can imagine..


  • Josh Gander

    Well, It’s not that my iPhone gets dirty, it’s just a pain trying to apply new screen protectors :(, It takes like 4 attempts and still have dust from them cheap cleaning cloths, @Josh_ox3

  • Twitter: @scgolf45

    I need this for my germ covered iphone 5 and ipad 2!!!!

  • My iPad is so dirty and i need it as i’m a health maniac!!!

  • I have two kids that smudge up my iPad’s on a daily basis and I’m running out of things to clean them with!!! @Tim_Red_Beard

  • alfonso hall

    My kids leave prints from gaming and im guilty as well thats why I need it