Apple Sunday afternoon posted a pair of television commercials for the iPad mini. Unlike the inaugural ad which focuses on the GarageBand app, these new clips highlight Apple’s own iPhoto and iBooks apps for the tablet, the former provided as a $5 download. Using the effective side-by-side format, the first commercial, named Photos and see above, takes us through the various photo management and editing capabilities of the iPhoto app.

The other is called Books and shows off various iBooks. As you’d expect, both apps behave exactly like on full-sized iPads. The ads are available as QuickTime streams from Apple’s home page and via Apple’s YouTube channel. I’ve included the Books commercial right after the break…

And here’s the Books commercial.

MacRumors has more about the iBooks and background music used in the commercials.

Spoiler: the Photos commercial taps the 60’s classic song ‘Two of a Kind’ by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer.

The Books clip is a bit confusing, if you ask me, but they nailed the Photos ad, it’s very effective.

Let us know what you think of these new commercials down in the comments.

  • They seem to picture the iPad as a device made for the “older generation” of tablet users.

    • Or power users 🙂

      • You could say the iPhoto ad and the Garageband ad were just a little for the power-users, but these ads mostly seem like they’re for those old couples who wants to see their grandchildren all the time and read books comfortably.

  • kingsun13

    well ipad mini is going to be probably bigger and more popular than full sized ipad in the long term so i can see apple marketing that more now.

  • i think they were trying to say that you can still read your ibooks perfectly, even though the ipad mini is smaller and graphics arent that good

  • I saw a new mobile YouTube design when i opened the video, now it’s gone.

  • J M

    Sorry, I just find these ads boring. They are certainly, “cute” I guess you could say, but also quickly forgotten.

    • Kurt

      how???? you can view pictures on an ipad!!!!

      • J M


  • I like the photo ad but the books one had me both confused and a little bored.

  • Well, not that these are bad but I liked the piano ad much better. It had some real sense of interest. The ones here are … er.. boring, yeah.