After watching this, I’m beginning to wonder if somebody at Apple should seriously consider hiring Cinesaurus, a Seattle-based creative team “obsessed with telling stories through video and animation”. They’re also behind an excellent Surface parody video that teaches Microsoft how to advertise against the iPad…

The team describe themselves on Facebook:

We work with clients nation-wide, both large and small, to create super cool videos with stellar branding.

Cinesaurus churn out parody clips on a regular basis and let me tell you, their work is remarkably sophisticated.


They for sure nailed that iPad mini parody clip.

It could almost pass for the real deal if only there was such a thing as an iMac touch.

But we can keep on dreaming, no?

  • mervynraj

    green screen changed everything!!!

  • dont think apple would want us to look like mimes with an imac touch like that

  • mdee4

    There is a hack, of sorts, that you can buy to make your iMac touchscreen. You replace stuff like the screen.

    • Paul Dunahoo

      True, but they aren’t very good. Plus, OS X apps are not designed for touch screens. Yet.

  • Replace them with Windows-powered devices and you have present tense 😀

  • When iOS and Mac OS X become just one, it will happen.

  • I am sure that it’s coming. The Surface is the future of computers because every modern OS must support touch. The trick is that you can use the surface with a keyboard and a mouse and this makes surface appreciated from people that like touch or old style keyboard and mouse. I mean look at OS X. It is constantly getting gestures and apps(especially if an OS has built in apps this makes the OS usable from the beginning) from iOS. So I believe it’s a matter of time before we see a touch enabled OS X.