AT&T announced that it was going to be once again expanding its LTE network yesterday. The rollout brings the high speed data connection to Little Rock, Arkansas, and increases its availability in Bakersfield, California and other markets. So if you just picked up an iPhone 5 or other LTE device on AT&T, here’s the new coverage areas…

  • Little Rock, Arkansas – new market
  • Bakersfield, California – AT&T launched LTE in Bakersfield back in September, but this expansion brings coverage down to the souther part of the city.
  • Florida Keys, Florida – LTE launched in Key West back in October, but this expansion pushes coverage out to Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys, Marathon, Islamorada and Key Largo.

In addition to these areas, we’ve also been informed by a reader that AT&T has activated LTE in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. Obviously, we have no way of confirming this. But the carrier did promise earlier this year that it would bring LTE to Minnesota’s capital by the end of 2o12.

As far as overall coverage, AT&T says that its LTE network is now live in 81 markets, covering somewhere around 140 million people in the US. It hopes to add another 10 million to that by the end of year. It’s still miles behind Verizon though, who is in over 400 markets with LTE, and said yesterday it hopes to be done by mid-2013.

AT&T also announced yesterday that it was going to be changing its policy on iOS 6’s FaceTime over Cellular feature, allowing more LTE subscribers to use the video chatting service, and its new tablet subsidy offer. Customers can now purchase tablets, including the iPad, at $100 discount with a two year data plan contract.


  • Joonyaboy

    Lakeland, FL PLEASE!

  • Solowalker

    It would really be nice if they had a way of checking the status of the rollout in your area. Some estimated time of completion would be nice, even if it’s really rough/vague and has an * next to it saying it could change at any time. At very very least a frequently updated map with “Coming Soon!” stars on it would be better than not having anything.

    Nearly the beginning of the year they announced they’d have it up in my area by the end of the year. How do I know they’re still planning on that and haven’t quietly forgotten? A little more transparency would be nice…

  • Ming

    I can confirm, I now have LTE for AT&T in the twin cities area of Minnesota. Using iPhone 5.

    • Must be a very small area… as I have not seen it yet out where I am in the Metro area…

      • J M

        And I was just downtown near 6th and Marquette. Flipped on my LTE for 5 minutes, and got nothing.

      • Ming

        Perhaps they started off only in areas near the MSP airport? As MSP is only around 5 min away from where I live.

      • J M

        Just got it picked up! Strange that I couldn’t get it downtown, but now I’m just north of downtown and am picking up 3 bars.

        Getting 10MB download, 3MB upload. Compared to 6/1.4 on HSPA+.

        I am curious, if I have a bad LTE signal, will the phone utilize HSPA+ for calls, or will I just get bad reception for phone calls then?

      • Ming

        Nice! Coverage should keep improving here for the rest of the year. Whenever I get bad LTE signal, it goes down to 4g for me. So should do the same for you.

      • Getting LTE in MPLS, STP, and Lino Lakes.

      • Feels like they still working things out with the LTE. Speeds have been inconsistent. Getting 8 Mbps to over 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps for upload. From my experience on LTE the iPhone drops to HSPA+ when u receive a call.

      • Ming

        Hmmm… I’m in the Eagan/Richfield/Minneapolis/Bloomington area, I’m getting full 5 bar LTE coverage. I’m hitting between 20-30mb download, 10-16mb upload.

  • How about the surrounding Los Angeles areas? If you don’t live in downtown you don’t get LTE. Shameful that a city this size has such horrible LTE coverage at this stage in the game.

  • Yep, I live in the Little Rock area (about 25/30 mins. north actually) and we have LTE here, too, so it’s pretty spread out around and not limited to just the city of Little Rock apparently.

  • I’m glad I jumped ship to Verizon when the new iPhone came out. LTE was a big thing for me and I knew AT&T was gonna lack in that area. So far, I have LTE coverage every where I’ve been and its fast as hell

  • Ike

    I also confirm LTE here in Bloomington MN

  • disqus_X0Sn9uYvUZ

    please come to easton pa
    LTE!!!! This sucks!

    • Supposed to roll out to the Lehigh Valley by the end of the year. It’s why I didn’t switch to Veriizon.

    • Yeah still no Easton pa wtf? Allentown and Beth have it but us! I’m about to switch!

  • the closest LTE is 4 hrs north of where i live and that sucks.

  • ghulamsameer

    Oh man. Here, people are flipping switches for LTE and I’m here flipping my 3G switch for T-Mobile haha.

  • Denver for the love of god

  • I can confirm that Denver now has LTE. I’ve been getting around 20mb