Apple Store app updated with support for Passbook gift cards and Siri search

By , Nov 7, 2012

Apple has released an update to its Apple Store app today that brings with it two pretty big new features. The first is Passbook integration for gift cards, which will allow you to use the digital wallet to pay for things in Apple’s retail stores. And the second is Siri searching for Apple products…

We heard last month that Passbook compatibility was coming to Apple’s gift cards, so there’s not really a surprise there. The cool part, though, is you can now easily purchase gift cards in the app and email them to friends and family. And from there, with one tap, they can add the card to Passbook.

The second feature was kind of a surprise though. Folks with a Siri-enabled device, and obviously the Apple Store app, can now use the assistant to shop for Apple products. Sadly, it’s not a very good implementation. She can’t answer specific questions, and all queries just lead to her opening up the app.

But there’s definitely something here. Imagine Siri being able to interact with other [third-party] apps and services, and crawl their databases. At any rate, if you want to check it out for yourself, you can find the new Apple Store app in — where else — the App Store for free.


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  • Colby Kirchner

    Apple should intergrate iBooks with siri so I can say siri read me a bedtime story

    • Michael

      i’d be quit annoyed with her voice if she were to read me a bedtime story… Google Voice would be better.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Still no ipad support? Pfff.

  • Hermes Martinez

    Good! Scott had to leave for us to start getting worthy updates! Geez! let’s catch up with all the improvements we need to make :)

  • Steven Cannan

    Cart 1 is it the iPad mini that your giving away to me? Lol