Spotify users rejoice, the cloud-based music service has finally pushed out an update to its iOS app that makes it compatible with the iPhone 5’s new 4-inch display. The company has taken a lot of heat from its subscribers over the past several weeks, as it was the last out of the big three music-streamers (Pandora and Rdio) to optimize its app for Apple’s new handset…

The minor update just brings the app to version 0.5.8, and it appears that iPhone 5 compatibility is the only change here. But it’s a long overdue, and welcomed change, as some Spotify users have actually threatened to leave the service due to lack of iPhone 5 support.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, it’s very similar to Pandora. Folks (inside the US only) can enjoy free customizable streaming radio stations with ads, or they can pay a monthly fee to get unlimited ad-free playback and of Spotify’s entire digital music collection.

At any rate, if you’re a Spotify user with an iPhone 5, or an iPhone 5 user looking for a good music app, you can find Spotify  in the App Store, for free. If you already have the app, and aren’t seeing the update yet, do a search for it in the App Store. This worked for me.

  • Web and app not working.

  • still no related artiest like andriod app

  • Never really got into spotify and i don’t think they have much of a future to be honest

  • f1ght3r

    Still not in Canada…. >:(

  • this app is so damn over rated

  • Thorasgard

    I have the premium paid version. Never had a problem with it on my i5. Worked the same as with my i4. Can’t understand how anyone would get their panties all in a bunch over half an inch. Whatever.

    I do wish they would update the iPad version. It does not have as much functionality as the iPhone app.

    I still use Pandora as they have some tracks Spotify lacks. But with my 64GB iphone 5 I have been enjoying downloading the tracks for offline use.

    The price is high but my wife and I share an account and so far it has worked out.

  • About freakin’ time!

    It’s interesting that just last week, I subscribed for a 1 week trial to Rdio because as much as I love Spotify, I was beginning to think they didn’t care about their users for their lack of interest in releasing an iPhone 5 compatible app.

    About Rdio, I like their collection and all, but the biggest draw back is UI. When I was listening to a song, there’s clicks after clicks just to get to your homepage, where as in Spotify, the “Playlist, Search, Radio” buttons are stationary at the bottom of the screen. Also, maybe it was just my lack of observation, but I couldn’t figure out how to create radio stations from a current song or artist I was listening to. One thing I did find awesome and helpful is when searching for an artist or song, you get suggestions on what you’re looking for.

    I have a question about Spotify that I seem to have encountered recently. Did Spotify remove ‘Explicit’ albums from their music collection? I can’t to find any “Explicit” albums when searching for a specific album/song.

  • I was really hoping this update would address the “sleep timer” issue more than screen size. Couldn’t care less about an extra 1/2 an inch of screen if I can’t go to sleep at night listening to my playlist without it running for two hours or more.

  • when Spotify will work for us in arabe countries 🙁