While Apple offers unlocked iPhone 5s in Canada and other countries, it has yet to give buyers inside the US that option. So unless you go through a third party vendor, you can’t get an unlocked iPhone 5 here in the States.

That could be changing in the near future though. Purported prices for unlocked versions of the new handset have been discovered hidden on Apple’s US website, which could mean that they’re preparing to roll them out…

AppleInsider reports:

“While not listed anywhere else on the site, a query for “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” in the Apple.com search bar reveals “Apple Store Results” as seen above. The units are priced at $649 for the 16GB version, $749 for the 32GB model, and $849 for the 64GB iteration.”

Though not shown in the above screenshot, all prices for both GSM and CDMA models can be found this way by adding the storage size. So searching for “iPhone 5 factory unlocked 32GB” will return results for both models.

It’s unknown how long these search results have been on Apple’s website, so there’s no way to know when or if we’ll see unlocked iPhone 5s in the US. Last year, though, Apple started selling unlocked 4S models on November 11.

It’s also worth noting that back in September, we discovered that the Verizon version of the iPhone 5 comes with an unlocked SIM card slot, meaning it will work on GSM networks. Something to keep in mind if you’re in the market.

  • Kamesh Jain

    The prices in US are cheaper than any other country; If It’s $649 then it will be cheapest in US..Also there is no way for those who living outside US to get a Verizon phone without terminating contract so it’s always better to buy an unlocked version to avoid any hassle of terminating contact and paying fees etc..

    • I heard it’s a little cheaper in South Korea

      • Rohit Singh

        oppa gangnam style

    • That’s $650 without tax. It’s still cheaper than here in Czech Republic – $825 with tax. (the tax is approx. $140)

      • Bob Teichmann

        Buy it in Portland, Oregon when it is available. No sales tax so it is only $650 🙂

      • Yeah well, then I’d get it taxed when crossing the border back to Czech Republic(customs) so it could run maybe even higher than $900. The government here are bitches lol.

  • Mowglee

    $349 Nexus 4 FTW.

  • Troy

    The the difference between Verizon SIM card unlocked and factory unlocked?

    • MPD01605

      Apple selling iPhones unlocked means you wouldn’t have to sign up for a phone plan (on- or off-contract), you can just walk in and buy it. Verizon’s is unlocked, yes, but you don’t get certain LTE functionality in North America. I could walk down to the AT&T store, sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan and get a SIM, pop it into my Verizon iPhone 5, and it would work just fine, but without LTE. As of right now you still have to be a customer (new or returning on any network) to buy an iPhone in the US.

  • MPD01605

    Maybe I’m missing the point of the story. The prices aren’t a surprise, we know Apple doesn’t charge extra for unlocked phones and we knew the full prices of the iPhones in September. And apparently an off-contract AT&T iPhone is ready to be unlocked by restore (http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/26/to-unlock-a-full-price-att-iphone-5-just-restore-it-in-itunes/). Of course until the official unlocked version goes for sale in the stores it won’t be as accessible but it seems like most stories on this subject are missing those facts.

  • So can you get an ‘officialy unlocked’ iPhone 5 at a third party vendor?

  • It shows shipping time as 3-4 weeks! Thats not far!

    Click View more Apple Store results and it gives you the details…

  • @dappa_yute

    Ive been waiting for this … Back in NY and NONE of the apple stores have nor none of the reps know when there’ll be a shipment … I only hope I can buy it from the apple website because I’m now in good old Mississippi for the military and the closest mall with an apple store is 3 1/2 hours away … I choose to buy at full RTP cause I refuse to give up my unlimited data plan (and I’ve been out of contract with vzw) … Plus I gotta stream my Knicks game from my slingbox so I know I’ll run through 2 GB of data in no time …