Good news for those of you who managed to score an iPad mini during this sellout weekend, Apple has posted the full-length user guide for the new tablet online.

Obviously, since the mini is so similar to its larger sibling, it’s not going to take seasoned iPad users long to get accustomed it. But since Apple only includes brief “getting started” pamphlets with the device, it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark the actual manual for future reference…

Apple’s official iPad mini User Guide includes everything you need to know about the tablet and its operating system. It has instructions on how to do everything from connect the mini to a Wi-Fi network, to more complicated stuff like setting up and using CalDAV calendar accounts.

In fact, the guide covers over 100 topics on the iPad mini. So whether you’re completely new to iOS, or a long-time user, you’ll likely find some helpful tips inside. If you’re interested, you can find the guide on Apple’s website in the Support section, or just click here for the PDF.

Just get an iPhone 5? Don’t worry, we have a link to the full user guide for Apple’s new handset as well.

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    • Lordthree


  • Gorgonphone

    its the same damn boring IOS from 2007 so why do we need instructions fro it?

  • MJ

    i think people know how to use an ipad

    • Yes, except people who’ve never used an iPad.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Those, my dear, can learn iOS quickly since it is super easy.

      • Savio Elaine Agnello

        New mini iPad for Christmas and would like to get instructions on how to use it . 78yrs old and a novice to this tech. I do have a comp. tho and know how to use it. Does anyone know where I can get lessons in the Ft Myers , Fl. Area.

    • Haloge

      No we don’t.

  • Well, I must say. Thanks to IDB I can anxiously bookmark this. I am impatiently awaiting my iPad mini IDB graciously gave to me. Still ecstatic about winning and it makes me love IDB even more (possible?) than I already did.

    Well done on the multiple posts on a Sunday by the way. I never do work on a Sunday. Kudos, and keep up the amazing work.

    • I hope you get it soon. You’re going to love it. I have already forgotten all about my iPad 3 🙂



  • William Jones

    I bought my wife an iPad mini, no reason, just bought it for her. However, the alert tone for Face Time is rubbish. Can some one give me a clue how to change it for an other please. I have exhausted what little knowledge I possess.

  • waldo f.

    how can I get bigger words on the mini and get them to stay big?

  • Deann

    my screen is black, I can talk to syri but no screen. it was working 1/2 hr ago. what can I do?

  • Nyghdbel

    That was a good information on iPad users guide that you have shared here in your content. I have here my new iPad mini and currently I am still learning how to use it well, for it has some features that is so unfamiliar to me.

  • Haloosh

    If you want to have an effective and complete package of information on how to properly use your iPad without having any difficulties I would prefer you to surf on the net and browse the best online iPad tutorial services that would help you.

  • Valerie Caldwell

    whats the good of saying “download this and that” when you do not know how to even get onto the IPad – where are the BASIC instructions? I know what download means but how do I even get to that stage and when Im there how do I download – this IPad is absolutely no good for a novice.

  • ray

    I have lost my password 3 times now I cant open my ipad mini apps

    • Coral

      well I am locked out of my mini ipad – its telling me it is disabled how do I get back into it ???????