The iPad mini just went on sale this morning in 34 countries and warranty firm Square Trade already has drop tests done. Thanks to its unibody aluminum body and rigid construction, this is perhaps the most durable iPad yet. At any rate, the smaller iPad seems to withstand drops a little better than Google’s Nexus 7 and the regular-sized iPad, even if the display on all three devices was completely shattered in the unforgiving face-down drop test.

As a Nexus 7 owner, I was honestly disappointed with poor build quality and especially how loosely the screen fits inside the frame. Of course, these drop tests are not very scientific and you shouldn’t read too much into them though the video does a good job highlighting the iPad mini’s rigid construction. Build quality and sturdiness, in addition to design, apps and other perks, certainly help justify the $130 premium compared to other popular seven-inch tablets on the market. Go past the fold for more drop test videos…

They use this thing called Square Bot to make sure each tablet is dropped fairly.

Apple’s gizmo took quote a beating in the face-down drop test, but surprisingly still functioned after being dunked in water.

The following one’s credited to Cygnett’s industrial designer Shannon Brown.

And here’s a drop test by AndroidAuthority.

Square Trade previously did a side-by-side drop test of the iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy S III. The iPhone 5 also held up pretty well in iFixyouri drop tests.


It filmed its own Surface RT drop test, how snarky is that?

Build quality and rigidness should matter because the iPad mini is not as pricey as the regular-sized iPads. Knowing it won’t break easily won’t make you nervous each time the kids pick it up.

My colleague Jeff will be posting an iPad mini vs. iPad 3 comparison video later today so stay with us.

So, what do you think of these iPad mini drop tests?

Do they prove anything at all?

  • I can’t believe the nexus didn’t has many cracks… But damn the new iPad cracks magnificently

  • M L

    Ok how the heck can you say that either Ipad did better then the nexus?? I am an apple fan boy but still….the cracking on the ipads was significant….The only test the nexus did worse on was the 10 sec water dunk!

    • jose castro

      yeah i agree, it was a crappy test, other then the water portion of the test.

  • Is this a joke? The nexus 7 clearly did better than the iPad on Square Trade’s drop test.

    • It meant overall; out of the 3 tests the iPad mini won 2 out of 3 hence it being claimed the best. I didn’t agree with the ‘fair’ method of dropping it anyway. It’s not a fair test because of the weight distribution of the device will affect how it falls so they should of let them fall naturally to simulate real world drop rather than controlling it. After watching the 3 videos it’s clear that the iPad mini is more robust but this shouldn’t be a surprise due to the solid build quality which nobody can argue is light years ahead of competitors.