It’s a little weird that I’m unboxing what is basically the same product that I unboxed back in March, but that’s the way the product cycle rolls these days.

True, the new iPad 4 features a CPU that is twice as fast, and graphics that are twice as fast. It also features an updated FaceTime HD camera for high def video calling, along with the new Lightning connector. With all that said, practically everything else is exactly the same as the iPad 3, and it comes in at the exact same form factor.

As you can see, for the first time I opted to get an iPad in White. This will help me to quickly tell the difference between this and the previous generation iPad.

What about you? Did you decide to get an iPad 4, or are you holding out for a more drastic upgrade?

  • Still waiting for mine to arrive 🙁

  • woow man congrats u r swag reall Mr Jeff <3

  • Mine’s on the truck but not here yet 🙁

    • Irfan Tarique

      It’s the same as the iPad 2, 3 just faster

  • CK

    I was one of these guys buying an iPad 3rd generation 1,5 months ago and then saw the keynote to the new release of the iPad mini AND the 4th generation iPad. Luckily my store took the iPad back and I can pick up the new one today. The new one is faster, has a better camera and is cheaper… of course I wanted to get that changed. Me personally, I never was interested in the mini… but everybody has a different taste and different areas to use the iPad… enjoy everybody!

    • Gorgonphone

      but ummm now you can never have a jaibreak…loll sad.. i am keeping my ipad3 on 5.1.1 for ever it is now a collectible since jaibreaking ipads is now illegal

  • I’m getting an ipad mini:)) because I didn’t win the ipad mini, with my savings I could buy it!!!:DD so excited! But I have to wait because its sold out in the Cardiff apple store!

  • jose castro

    maybe next ipad.. no retina displays kills it for me

    • This is the iPad 4 not the mini, this one has a Retina Display.

      • jose castro

        owwwwwww… gotcha.. im a idiot thanks lol

      • Dont worry about it, its an honest mistake lol.

  • i’m quite angry: i bought the ipad 3rd gen just like 3 days before the 4th was announced… Then, i’ll soon go to the store where i bought it and ask to take it back and give me my money. Hope it will work!

  • MPD01605

    I got an iPad 3. I’ll wait for the iPad 5 at least. On the fence about a Mini but I’ll wait and see until probably after the new year at the earliest.

  • coejam

    Is has stereo or mono speaker?

  • Jeff i have a question?! I buy the ipad 3 generation but im afraid because i dont know if apple will produce more updates for this ipad ¿What do you think?

  • JWu

    I wish Apple would’ve improved the iPad more, particularly the design. It would’ve been nice to replace the plastic buttons and add a polished chamfer. I guess Apple is holding out on the design for the next generation. I don’t see this generation lasting a whole year; probably around nine month.

  • marco1993

    should do an ipad 4 vs surface boot test just like you did with the ipad 3

    i know it doesn’t matter to a lot of people but i just like to see ipad crush the surface

  • It hurt my heart when I seen those first few fingerprints after you took off the plastic!

    • a smit

      it hurt your heart?

  • disqus_NGbblQwV3G

    I think that this is really bad for the customers , we didn’t use enough ipad2,3 and now they sell 4 and mini…….. and for normal user the difference is not that huge because 95% of people use it for FB, email , chat.
    As apple and other companies earn zillions we are suffering ,to they now that’s crises out there and we don’t print our money at house !!!!

  • Gorgonphone

    so i went and played with the ipad4 and sadly jit is not much faster that the ipad3 at all in real world operation only 3D games run more smooth thats it… this is ipad 3S

  • Omg im getting the exact same one it arrived this morning it is ace!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!