Apple’s been an avid supported of USB for years. With USB 3.0, not so much – at least not until first Mac notebooks with USB 3.0 support began rolling out of assembly lines last year. The company, however, never adopted the industry-standard Micro USB connector. Instead, and much to the horror of the multi-billion dollar accessory biz, it chose to replace its own bulky, decade-old proprietary 30-pin dock connector with Lightning, another proprietary connector similar in size to micro USB (there’s a reasonable explanation for that).

So, if you fancy connecting your Lightning-enabled mobile devices to micro USB cables and chargers to sync and charge, Apple comes to the rescue with its official Lightning to Micro USB Adapter. Originally released in Europe in September due to regulations mandating that all mobile phones be charged via commonplace micro USB adapters, it’s now finally available to U.S. customers. How much? Just $20. I know, don’t start…

It’s compatible with all Lightninig-equipped iOS devices. Currently, these include the fifth-generation iPod touch, the iPhone 5, the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini, as well as seventh-generation iPod nano.

The Lightning to micro USB Adapter is available now from the online Apple store, shipping in 1-3 days.

Is twenty bucks too much money to drop on such a miniature adapter?

Luckily, there’s always an alternative.

  • abujafer

    Eh, for the functionality it holds I find it essential. Then again, I’d just buy 3rd party and hope for the best; there’s a lot you can buy with $20…

  • $20 for something that should be included… classic Apple.

  • The Truth

    more like micro usb to lightning adapter

  • I saw that first thing this morning while browsing the online store looking for iPad (4) accessories.

  • Falk M.

    “it chose to replace its own bulky, decade-old proprietary 30-pin dock connector with Lightning, another proprietary connector similar in size to micro USB”

    Proprietary? The 30-pin connector isn’t exactly proprietary, it’s just not a very commonly used design.

  • M L

    The question is will it work with iphones with cases?? Most of the time the actual connector is not long enough to actual connect with the case on. I found this is the issue with straight adapters.
    Whether from apple or aftermarket…same issue.

    • M L

      Let me edit this a bit. The adapters from apple that are the cable version from 30-pin to lightening work. The adapter that is NOT the cable with the 30-pin to lightening do NOT work with any cases I have tried.

    • I think it depends more on the case, had this issue with some iPhone 4S cases and accessories, But others fitted just fine. The white plastic part of this converter should have similar if not the same measures as the lightning usb “standart” cable

  • Troy

    Should be $10

  • First Apple says micro usb wasn’t advanced enough for the iPhone 5 despite it becoming the new standard port on mobile devices. Now this. SMH. Why can’t Apple just be bold enough to come out and say it plain as day? “BUY OUR OVER-PRICED POORLY CONSTRUCTED CABLES ONLY OR ELSE!!!” Classic Apple.


    I purchased this to connect a USB keyboard and mouse to my Xoom. The
    adapter arrived with the USB A side metal bent inward, so any USB plug
    is a very tight fit. This product is exactly what it was advertized to be. I want to use it with my Kindle to add books from a usb thumb drive.