Compared to the phased-out 10W adapter, Apple’s new 12W power brick enables faster charging times for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Specifically, the two extra watts of power shave up to 45 minutes off the iPad charge time. What’s really interesting is that in an article 9to5Mac ran a week ago it claimed “Apple also told us that the iPad mini would come with a 12W adapter as well”.

This doesn’t seem to be true, if a report by MacRumors is anything to go by. The publication relays a note from its reader who was able to purchase an iPad mini from his local Walmart yesterday and confirmed that it came with the smaller 5-watt adapter.

It doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident. Additionally, iPhoneinCanada shortly following the iPad mini keynote observed that Apple’s own shopping app depicted the 5-watt adapter as part of the iPad mini package contents…

Eric Slivka, reporting for MacRumors:

With the iPad mini’s battery having three times the capacity of the iPhone 5’s battery, charging the iPad mini through the included 5-watt power adapter would take considerably longer than charging an iPhone.

If, however, the iPad mini is capable of drawing higher wattage, users may prefer to charge the device through a larger 10-watt or 12-watt adapter intended for the full-size iPad.

iPhoneinCanada previously reported of the 5-watt adapter listed as the iPad mini package contents in the Apple Store app. Our own Cody Lee noted yesterday that the iPad mini box clearly lists the smaller adapter (though it also mentions iTunes 11 which won’t be released for a month).

The iPad mini package contents. Notice the smaller 5-watt power brick in the lower right.

Apple’s clueless PR person may have provided 9to5Mac with incorrect information, which is one fairly distant possibility. Another is that author Jordan Kahn didn’t get his facts straight. It’s also possible Apple changed its mind last minute, which wouldn’t be a first for the company.

I can also see the iPad mini shipping with the smaller 5-watt adapter only in certain countries, though it’s doubtful. Truth be told, such a move wouldn’t be out of character for Apple in light of the its overpriced Lightning accessories.

If that’s the case here, you’ll need to shell an extra $19 for the 12W adapter to cut down your iPad mini charge time. A ballsy move Apple, indeed.

We’ll know for sure when the device lands on store shelves in the United States and elsewhere tomorrow.

What do you think, should have Apple include the juiced up 10-watt adapter with the iPad mini?

  • coejam

    If i want more juiced adapter then I have to spent extra money for it?

    • MagicDrumSticks

      It’s the way it is. Apple likes to screw its customers as much as possible and their customers like being screwed.

      • Kurt

        true true true

    • Thorasgard

      They are practically giving the mini away. Of course you will have to pay extra. /sarcasm

      • No they aren’t. They want a big profit of money, that’s why the price and everything else is higher. Apple doesn’t like small numbers

      • Thorasgard

        Sorry forgot the /sarcasm tag.

  • I swear if this is true, I will have more disrespect for apple…. This is just plain stupid. I thought it was bad for the prices of the adapters…. UGH why apple. I like you, stop doing dumb things. 🙁

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Apple: no, now buy my adapter.

      • Markus: Ok, sorry if I offended you Apple.

  • Yep, saw this post on forums at macrumors … Looks like apple screw us over . Company is money hungry I don’t blame them. The more money you have the more you want ! It’s all about business !

  • maybe the mini would benifit from a 10-12 watt charger. I think apple may supply the 5 watt charger to save on costs.

  • Thorasgard

    In general it is better for battery life to charge at a lower wattage. So having both would be a good combo.
    Not sure how all of apple’s circuitry in the charger effects this.
    Any electrical engineers should comment on this.

  • Relentlessfocus

    I don’t know about the mini but the iPhone won’t take more than 5 watts even if you do use the 12 watt charger. Mike Flaminio at “insanely great” did a video on YouTube using a watt meter to show this.

    The 12 watt charger is huge. Pairing it to an iPod mini which has a smaller battery than the new new iPad might shave off 20 mins charging time if it works. IPad mini should charge faster than an iPad 2 in any case and far faster than gen 3/4 ipads. Not really an issue to get your knickers in a twist over.

    • Kurt

      clearly, you never tried a 10w adapter. try the ipads 10w adapter. it chargers the iphone much faster.

      • Relentlessfocus

        I use a 10 watt charger to charge my iPhone. Perhaps you have a defective 5 watt charger. The 10 watt charger doesn’t send out a 10 watt charge, it’s a MAXIMUM 10 watts charger which outputs whatever wattage is demanded by the device up to 10 watts (same for 12 watt charger except its now 12 watts). IPhones demand and can only accept 5 watts.

        All this is well documented on the web.

      • Kurt

        my wife plugs her iphone into the slow 5watt charger, i put mine into the 10watt charger. i can tell you from experience mine charges faster. all the 5watt chargers are slower…perhaps my 10 watt charger is the defective one given me faster charging-dont think so