If you’ve had an Android device in your hands before, you’ve likely noticed they usually come with widgets for just about anything. As a matter of fact, when I reviewed the Nexus 7 a few months ago, I noted that widgets were definitely one of the strong points of the tablet. Of course, jailbreakers are no strangers to widgets: Dashboard X is an example of how widgets can be implemented in a very tasteful way on iOS.

Visual and UI designer Max Rudberg recently took it upon himself to imagine another way widgets could work on iOS. The result is quite amazing, and in all honesty, I believe Apple should really take note of Rudberg’s concept. Have a look for yourself…

In this concept, an app icon can be resized from 1×1 to 2×2 or 4×2, similarly to how you would on Windows Phone 8. The increased size can house widget like functionality and provide easy access to core features of that particular app. For example, you could expand the Settings icon into a widget with a brightness slider, and quick toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot and Do Not Disturb.

If the name Max Rudberg sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen his work before. The designer is responsible for the Glasklart theme, and many more GUI jobs, including some interesting concept videos we featured before on iDB.

Call them ugly, tacky, or whatever you want, widgets can be extremely useful, and although Apple and pundits have always raised their voice against the implementation of widgets in iOS, I believe it’s just a matter of time until we see those on the Home screen of the iPhone or iPad. Rudberg clearly shows the way in this video.

What’s your take on it?

  • i think they should do it like the os x where it has its own page, like putting the widgets on the spotlight page!

    • One of the things I love about jailbreaking my phone was putting specific widgets on each page. I love the tweak that let’s me put icons in any place I want and not forcing to top left as default. So that way I can place my icons around my widgets.

      • You are wrong to defy how Apple wants you to do it. Please un-jailbreak your phone and go back to having a proper homescreen the way it’s SUPPOSED to be. Thanks for having a conscience and doing the right thing.

      • LOL…

      • why should we let apple tell us how to run our devices. we bought then with our own money so we should be able to do what we want with them. apple already has enough control of our devices as it is. and by the terms you use (un-jailbreak) I can tell you know nothing about jailbreaking

  • Ace

    I wouldn’t want my screen full of that crap. Like is it really that hard to just open the app?

    • markfulaytar

      Okay then don’t use that crap. No body would be forcing u to put a widget on ur page

      • pegger1

        I’m not a fan of widgets, but i have nothing against including it, the way it’s done in the video is pretty slick

    • no one would be making you put it on your home screen idiot its an option for those that are smart enough to use it.

      • Ace

        Please remind me where I wrote “someone will be making me put this on my home-screen”. That was just my opinion idiot. But you couldn’t figure that out.

    • dokt00r

      opening clock, reminders, etc is really cumbersom … this concept can quickly let u access n finish off ur work without leaving ur homescreen… i think its a great idea… should be developed further

  • carlos

    this would be so sick and would finally start to close the gap between other os’

  • nope they are too bulky.. just use larger ios UI icons and alow dynamic info to show its that simpl.

    • Falk M.


      Live icons, similar to live tiles from Windows Phone would be awesome.
      However, I do think that some apps could use a bigger mode, make that an option at least and we have winners.

      The most “live tile”esque it gets is the calendar app showing the current day. 😛

  • Eric Armstrong


  • I think they should put spotlight in the Notification Center, and replace that page with a Dashboard, in complete OS X style! That’d be so Apple and so awesome!

    • agreed!

    • Seconded

    • burlow

      it sounds good on paper, but as someone who uses search a lot, I wouldn’t want search in the NC, because the current default of the keyboard popping up would block notifications. And if the keyboard didn’t show until you tap the search field, that’s one extra tap that would get old fast.

  • Dan

    They should let people choose to have widgets. Although they make great products, that’s what I hate about Apple, they make the choices for you.

  • this is awsome ….

  • it should be optional
    like when the iDevice is new , the setup asks whether you want to use “something”[in this case widgets].
    {No Offense}

    • Johnathan Jennings

      It does that for Siri.

  • I think it would be cool to have widgets on iOS

  • Infone

    I just want NCSettings…

    • I’m using NCSettings…awesome tweak!

  • apple seriously needs to change the volume slider in the app switcher to a brightness slider or other settings options like wi-fi/bluetooth/etc toggles. we already have dedicated physical volume buttons idk why they think we need more options to do the same thing. usually apple is pretty smart but when it comes to this they are dumb as hell.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    My prediction for iOS 7. Many more Notification Center Widgets. And also much improved spotlight search. Widgets that are like live tiles in WP8 and also like widgets in android and resizeable. People would love it as long as it was Apple like.(:

    • Revolutionary! That would change everything. Again.

  • I like that switch widget

  • szamal

    That would be great but only on ipad. Iphone screen is too tiny.

  • No thank you!
    The UX sucks.. Can’t imagine this line “in just three (or four) touches” being said at WWDC.

    • Deleting an app takes 3 touches. That’s probably way too complicated for you as well. -_-

      • That’s different.. U don’t want to delete apps by accident if it was one touch would you??

      • seyss

        ppl rarely deletes apps

      • markfulaytar

        Your right. Deleting apps has become so obsolete. Its just so lame now! All the cool kids let the crap pile up.

  • That would be an awsome jailbreak tweak, as long as it aint uses to much RAM like dashboardX does… 😀

  • Fact is Apple doesn’t have enough respect for the intelligence of its customers to think they could ever figure out how to use this. Besides, doesn’t WP8 already do this?

  • That looks realllllly nice. My homescreen is usually very minimalistic so I would live to add in a reminders widget or a notes widget. Love that idea!

  • Erwin Rietveld

    This would make a mess of iOS. This is one of the reasons I prefer iOS over Android; it’s simple and it just works.

    • Wait a minute. I fail to see how that would make you prefer Apple. What’s wrong with having the CHOICE to install widgets or to just keep normal app icons exactly like iPhone does? Is it really SO bad to have the ability to have a tiny widget showing an upcoming appointment, and the temperature outside? Just the ability, not being forced to do it at all? You really really PREFER to NEVER have that option?

  • seyss

    hmmm what if I wanna launch the app that is in widget mode?

    • n00b. you can not launch app in widget mode even now.

      • seyss

        Are you mental? Think before typing..

  • Very Nice!! even thoug that’s modifying the same ui, i’d like to see a whole new ui on ios7

  • It just doesn’t look right on an iPhone, it would look much better on an iPad.

  • Apple should make this concept and the spotlight concept( I saw it somewhere on YouTube earlier ) to come true 🙂 People will love it especial me LOL

  • widgets suck plz apple no widgets xD

  • abbyruleover

    How has apple not hired this guy yet? Comex’s spot is open. Take it!

  • Steve Jobs died. Apple is now a headless creature just going through the motions of implementing faster chipsets and making the most nominal software upgrades, which they can’t even do right (iOS 6 being a downgrade from iOS 5, for example.)

    The funny thing is, there are many brilliant visionaries who could do even better than Steve Jobs was doing in his latter years of failing health. Why aren’t they looking for them? Companies that lose their founders just get insiders who defend their wealth and power, who feel threatened by hiring new leaders and visionaries.