Say what you will about Samsung, but it’s always been a multi-platform player. True, the company’s bet on Android has paid off big time, but Samsung also maintains another smartphone operating system, its own Bada software, and pledges to build a plethora of desktop and mobile products driven by Microsoft’s new Windows 8 desktop operating system and its Windows Phone 8 counterpart.

The South Korean conglomerate currently makes Windows-based Smart PC and Smart PC Pro, in addition to a Windows Phone 8 tablet and smartphone. All are marketed under the new ATIV moniker (whoever thought of that one?). I kinda like how the commercial above highlights different usage scenarios for these devices. By the way, what’s up with the evident James Bond theme to advertising recently?

According to Samsung, it sees itself as “one of very few companies that is capable of offering such a diverse product lineup and is committed to offering more choices based on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms for consumers”.

The company states that ATIV devices are “simple, powerful and beautiful”. On the software side, Windows 8 and its mobile kin are pretty interesting, probably by far and large the most important releases in Microsoft’s history. Slashgear has some massive launch numbers, if you’re interested.

Windows Phone 8, of course, has its share of teething problems and Microsoft would surely benefit from hiring someone of Scott Forstall’s calibre. Apple figured as much, that’s why they kept Forstall in an advisory role to Tim Cook until some time next year.

As for Samsung and the whole ATIV thing, one really cannot blame the company for trying to cover all the bases with support for multiple computing platforms, don’t you think?

  • I have to admit that Windows 8 looks pretty impressive.

    • Don`t you mean Windows Phone 8? I dont think Windows 8 is heading good direction, they are making it too sandboxed too fast for PCs. I mean Metro is great for tablets, but for PC? Really? Not just yet..

      EDIT: I accidentally wrote “iMetro” XD

  • well, at least windows is a good competitor against Apple 😀

    • they compete against android.. apple is too far ahead for now..

      • im not sure about that (everything i have is apple)
        Android is very very close even i will be buying either a sg3 or nexus 4 for comparrison i dont think apple will stay so strong for much longer? hopefully the new stricture at apple HQ will sort things out

  • Ace

    Surface reviews turned me off. This turned me on.

    • great ad fro sucky product

      • Ace

        Lol I’m never getting it. Love my iPhone and iPad too much. But I can agree looks cool.

      • Have you used any of these products? Just curious if you just make idiotic statements based on conclusions you jumped to from lack of experience.

  • That commercial really had me on the edge of my seat lol.

    • yeah but people that cool would use iphones and

      • Damani Brown

        You sir, are correct. People that cool use iPhones. Haha

  • Isnt that phone just ugly?

    • Dont get me wrong, I think Windows Phone is cool system unlike Android, but I hate that phone design.

      • It looks like an ordinary samsung. It isn’t even near to the htc’s 8x/8s or nokia’s lumia

      • Idd, it’s just another HUGE phone from Samsung.

      • It’s weird how many S3s Samsung are selling and oddly enough Apple decided to huge-ify the iPhone with the 5 going big

    • iamnotfan


  • you can do all that with iPad iPhone xD

    • As well as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab / Note 10.1. They all allow for screen sharing between devices, transferring files and working seamlessly together.

  • CollegiateLad

    “Apple figured as much, that’s why they kept Forstall in an advisory role to Tim Cook until some time next year.” Christian, you’re talking out of your ass. Name one detail about that “shakeup” that you’re privy to. To not know is one thing. To make things up is another thing altogether. Do you have ANY integrity?

    • Dude, let me explain this to you like you’re a four-year old. California laws prohibit contracts that prevent former employees from working for your rivals. So this advisory role is really just a formality intended to keep Forstall from ringing up Samsung, Google, Microsoft, etc.

      • CollegiateLad

        Like I thought… Zero ounce of truth. Conjecture!

  • This was a very good article. I enjoy reading these types of articles. I agree with what was said. I hope all of these changes mean better updates and products for us all.

  • As much as I love iOS I would take Windows 8 over Android any day.

  • Ahmed Belarouf

    I think there will be a day where samsung will be at the top and apple is behind. i have everything from apple. from apple tv to macbook air, iphone 5, iPad 3, ipad touch …ect everyday i want to go and buy android, but am locked to apple because of all the apps i paid for and all the itunes movies and music i paid for.

  • nima

    samsung and windows have the right to suck my dick!

    • iamnotfan


    • but with that tiny thing, it would be more like flossing their teeth with your itty bitty junk

      • nima

        sure. . . .

  • What a dumb commercial. The guy plugs in a couple of numbers. The girl plugs in a couple of numbers. Save and send. Oooo the drama. The company is saved!

  • seyss

    lol the guy grabs his creen but leaves the keyboard at the bar’s table

  • szamal

    These win 8 pro tablets seem to be capable of replacing a laptop. I’d really like to see something similar on ipad(like ipad pro running osx) i mean i know there are modbooks but those are incredibly expensive

    • There will be some confusion at first… as you have Arm based tablets like the Surface RT and then full featured x86 ones which are like the hybrids that can be used as a tablet or laptop. So the RT will be limited but the x86 ones will be exactly like running Windows on any PC.

      • szamal

        Yes i know that that’s why i wrote about tablets running win8 pro not win8 rt.

      • ah… I completely skipped over that part.

  • marco1993

    I take it that this big shot company who btw “works in style” have never heard of backing up or an online storage or even a drop box system but relies on people who are scattered across the globe
    awesome i wish i could work for them and introduce them to a little thing called a backup drive

  • Very cool. I would totally buy these. If you go to the 46 second mark you can notice that the phone doesn’t respond when he taps the buttons on the screen. Other than that, AMAZING!