If you’ve been anywhere near a computer for the past 24 hours, chances are you’ve heard the news: Scott Forstall, Apple’s SVP of iOS Software will be leaving the company next year.

The word is, Forstall was pushed out for a number of reasons, but the tipping point was the recent iOS 6 Maps debacle. And today, even more details have emerged about his ousting…

Om Malik, of GigaOM, cites sources “deep within Apple” in a new report regarding the Forstall firing. The entire thing is worth a read, but we’ve highlighted a few interesting points below:

“Forstall’s firing was met with a sense of quiet jubilation, especially among people who worked in the engineering groups. Or as one of my sources quipped: there are a lot of people going for celebratory drinks, even if there is a little bit of doubt about their roles in the future.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Forstall had the reputation for being abrasive. It’s even been said that Steve Jobs used to have to mediate meetings between him and Apple’s other executives.

“According to my sources, there have been fissures in the management team for a while. Steve Jobs and Forstall were close, but none of the executives really cared for the deposed iOS chief. He really built a reputation by executing on Steve’s vision and acting as Steve’s mouthpiece.”

Instead of hiring a replacement, Apple has decided to split up Forstall’s duties among the other leaders. Most importantly, Jony Ive has been made the head of Human Interface across the whole company.

“There is a sense of excitement around Jony Ive taking over as in charge of newly created human interface group. The reason for the excitement: hope for a new design direction for many software products. Most think Eddy Cue taking over the Siri and Maps are smart and natural thing to do.”

Another interesting tidbit from Malik’s post is that a majority of engineers on the OS X and iOS teams were caught off guard by the Forstall news, many finding out within minutes of Apple’s press release.

It’s interesting to get some insight on what the consensus is inside Apple right now, during one of the biggest management changes in the company’s history. And it sounds like everyone is in high spirits.

Scott Forstall, talented as he may be, just clearly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. And it will be interesting to see what Apple can do, particularly with iOS, now that he’s no longer in the picture.

  • RarestName

    I guess we’ll see some new (and different) things in iOS 8 then.

    • Hmm why not first iOS 7?

      • RarestName

        Because he might be working on iOS 7 now?

      • Ya but it wont release till june or later so they still have time to rechange everything

      • SebestyenSzabo

        He hasn’t been kicked out completely until a year from now.

      • Blake

        Yes however it clearly is stated that he is no longer in charge of iOS. He will be working with Tim Cook until he leaves.

      • SebestyenSzabo

        Hmm. I stand corrected then.

      • Blake

        Scott no longer has his position. He is essentially Cooks assistant now.

    • munaem

      trust me it’s a big loss at Apple

      • Blake

        Not really.

      • Arturo Loem

        yes it really is ¬_¬

      • Blake

        His designs were boring and he wasn’t bringing anything good to the table!

    • Kurt

      we are talking about apple. don’t expect different

      • RarestName

        Incremental iOS 6 update, the loss of Google Maps when it could have stayed, leaked iPhone 5 parts where people could have literally pieced the device together, introducing a newer generation of the iPad in six months, introducing an iPad mini which was said to never happen and now, firing someone because he refused to apologise? This is not what Apple is a few years ago.

      • Kurt

        apple began all this from the iphone 4. they designed a beautiful phone and their arrogance went through the roof. how dare they make a faulty antenna system and blame us “You’re holding it wrong”

      • RarestName

        Apple did it again with the iPhone 5. They designed a beautiful phone with strong camera lens and their arrogance went through the roof – again. How dare they make a camera system with purple flare issues and blame us “You’re holding it wrong”?

      • Blake

        Actually most cameras will show a purple flare. I know my digital camera does the same. And so does my moms Galaxy s2

      • RarestName

        Well, my iPhone 4S doesn’t have one. To be fair, I’ve not yet used an iPhone 5 to take pictures yet but the online discussions and image proof are enough.

  • Seems like they were just looking for a reason to fire him.
    And with Apple-maps they have found one.

    • Naw, they weren’t intentionally looking for a reason. He sealed his own fate. If he would have signed the apology statement, like the CEO asked him to do, he’d still be employed there. But NO, he’s just too proud and stubborn to do that. I’m personally excited because iOS will be better for it moving forward.

    • He sold 95% of his stake in AAPL in May or June. That’s basically telling the company you are done with them anyway. He was looking to get out also. That’s what that tells you.

    • Joseph Albanese

      What more ” of a reason” could one need. He created a major screw up. Good bye! The one year extension is probably contractual. He can clean toilets for all I care.

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Great! More crappy stuff from apple now!!! This blog says he acted on steve jobs behalf. Now just imagine these new ppl following tim cook?!?! Great! We can expect a whole lot of NOTHING for the upcoming updates to ios.

  • mr432

    1st- half build map
    2nd- 6 month iPad recycle
    3rd- firing Scott
    Apple is getting bad. We need you back Steve jobs.

    • munaem

      True Tim cook is just doing it wrong. I think that’s the end. Apple is finished. 🙁 really sad.

      • 1337lolzorz

        Get lost. Scott Forstall sucked, good riddance boring bastard.

      • I think they should hire the guys from the banned promo videos !!

      • Blake

        Apple is by no means finished. I know that 98% of their customers will stay regardless.

      • Hyr3m

        I’m so fucking glad! Can’t wait for AAPL’s value to plummet… fucking agents of the fucking empire. They’re fucking destroying the computer industry by setting new lows in ethics and expectations…

    • Howard Ellacott

      The Maps and the Scott things are related, he was in charge of the maps, then when it all went wrong he wouldn’t admit to it being his fault, that’s why the letter about maps was signed by Tim. Although it is a loss, it’s in the best interest for Apple as a company. The iPad 3 was pretty underpowered, and couldn’t really compete with the competition and the iPad Mini, so they had to update it! Apple does it with their portable macs twice a year…

    • 1. maps is far faster and gots lots of potential, its damn good for a 1.0 release!!! i expect it to grow much rapidly than google maps did!

      2. 6 month iPad cycle? i simply consider the 4th generation iPad a nice refresh that simply doubles the processing power and expands LTE coverage in several countries! which is superb!

      3. If an executive does not admit their mistakes, its brilliant that apple does not think twice about firing them! Even if maps is superb, if should be in higher standards, the standards apple got us used to! if nobody complained about maps, for any reason that would be superb, but since they did he should admit that the underestimate the work that needed to be done and didn’t cope in time!

      Apple is getting better and better!

      • Blake


  • munaem

    I wish Forstall Was the CEO of Apple. Things could have been A LOOOTTT BETTTEERR

    • Blake


    • Kurt

      more mistakes and no apologizes and more of “you’re holding it wrong”

  • I always agreed that IOS has been boring since IOS4, plain simple. last time i upgraded my iphone i regretted it until the jailbreak was available. With so much competition nowadays IOS does not look latest technology at all. hopefully Ive bring new changes….

    • RedMercury

      My boss recently got a new Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, he showed me an interesting feature of the phone–it won’t dim the screen if you’re looking at it. So if you’re reading something, the phone won’t turn off while you’re reading.

      This struck me as something very “Apple.” I was really surprised Apple didn’t come up with it. You have a front facing camera after all. You have facial recognition software in iPhoto. It seems pretty obvious in 20/20 hindsight–as most good ideas do.

      Of course, Apple didn’t come up with it. Samsung did. Meanwhile, Apple’s been arguing over leather and wood. This is sad.

      • ClaudieX X

        Lots of web pages telling that this feature is not working at all… it works with the front cammera and sometings it loss your eye ball and dim the screen while you are reading. It also spend to much battery if U turn it on.

  • on the other hand i really think Tim Cook is doing a crappy job as CEO. Too many flaws and mistakes since he took over. there is no magic or innovation anymore.!! Cook needs to go too..

    • 4p0c4lyps3


    • Kurt

      i dont mind cook…but please dont ever let him speak again. he is beyond boring to listen to. monotone is too exciting of a word to describe him

      • Al

        All he do is talk about numbers! Profits! Like people wanna hear that in this economy! He brings no showsmanship guy…

      • Kurt

        good point, i didn’t think of that. i usually skip that first part as i dont care for them bragging and lying “iOS is the worlds best mobile OS” it is far from the best.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    If he was in charge of Apple Map disaster, then I agree that he needs to get fired. I will not gonna miss you.

    • From reading the Steve Jobs book and articles of the past… it seems like the decision to displace Google with their own map was well in place back when Steve was alive. I don’t think you can fully fault Forstall for maps failure as it was probably a huge team effort envisioned by Steve.

    • Arturo Loem

      you can’t hope so much from a 1.0 release of Apple Maps, you guys are always waiting to get the best from apple instead of looking them as humans, this sucks, Tim Cook as CEO is making bigger mistakes than Forstall, but he can’t fire himself ¬_¬, right now apple is going down, and this kind of things makes everything worst, why to fire him? you want a new iOS design? well then put 2 genius on it, Forstall and Ive, don’t fire one ¬__¬

      • WolfgangHoltz

        I don’t care if Apple Maps is version 1.0 or 100.0. In iOS 5.1.1 and earlier I had a working Google Map solution. If I install iOS 6.0 I get some worthless Apple Map Crap. If Apple decide to make a switch then they at least provide same functionallity as they had in earlier iOS version othervise it’s not a uppgrade it’s a downgrade with no options. They can call it whatever they want, but Appple Map is crap and ten steps back. And if Forstall was the guy giving this shit clearance then I can understand he must go as a result of this.

      • Arturo Loem

        Google hasn’t submit a Google Maps app to the App Store, and yes they give more options, you can enter to the App Store and see a section of Apps for Navigation and replace de stock Maps app.

      • 1337lolzorz

        Apple maps is great. They fixed SO MUCH over the past month.

  • I never liked Scott Forstall and I think iOS could use a new direction, because it’s just not up to date anymore. The design looks really old and I hope the Jony Ive will do some radical changes… I mean the software design is really bad right now!

    Why is Scott so popular? What did he achieve that is so great? I don’t get it why people think by firing him Apple will be lost…

    • Howard Ellacott

      One thing that he was good at was aqua, the mac OS X user interface, as that was his design. But apart from that, it’s good that he’s gone!

    • You never liked him? Lol you never knew him lol! None of you did !

    • Al

      My personal belief is, Steve Jobs liked him.. He put him on the iOS project from day one and the devices sell millions. Granted, there needs to be some changes in the software. But, as for as the software goes.. It’s being used with people of all ages and demographics.

      I don’t know the guy, but from his keynotes he seemed to love what he do. For someone to be forced out for loving what he do, it would be tough for anyone to deal with… He contributed to the success of Apple and their iDevices, he’s ok in my book..

  • Ron McLaughlin

    Maybe now someone will make it possible to clear text messages from the Lock Screen! (non jailbroken devices)

  • It’s about time to change to Android Phone

    • R N

      how is this relevant to this news? get your head out off your ass man.

  • Nizam Ghazali

    I liked this guy a lot because he’s second to Jobs in terms of presenting stuff when the Apple keynotes take place..too bad to hear this news as I’ve seen him as a potential CEO of Apple in the near future..
    Well, maybe he’s destined to be Jobs the 2nd..kicked out by the CEO, Apple going downward & then he’ll come back to save the company..history has tendency to repeat itself right? 😀

    • Hyr3m

      Let’s fucking hope not! Apple is too big and evil to be allowed to stay alive; it needs to die before it’s too late!

  • About time.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Up until the point that this happened, fanboys were saying how great iOS 6 is. Now thatForstall is fired, everyone is suddenly “I’m glad, iOS needs to be Better anyway”

    Apple sheep are truly pathetic.

    • True true… people need a scapegoat for the failure of iOS 6 and Forstall was the unlucky one to get picked.

  • Kurt

    Jony Ive, obviously isn’t going to be busy being the head of the new “human Interface group” (stupid name), since all of apple’s products look the same every year.

  • dobvlr

    That’s a good chance to android.

    Google need to hire him.

    Scott Forstal > Andy Lubin

  • am i the only one who thinks that the guy looks scary as hell?

  • My father say In ios 7 more customization and widget better than android jelly bean soon coming

  • Al

    I believe with this change, iTunes 11 will be pushed back even further!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Mark my Words.. This is a terrible mistake by APPL