Everything Everywhere today launched its 4G LTE network in the United Kingdom, giving UK shoppers plenty of reasons to buy the new iPad mini, the iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation iPad this holiday season. All these devices feature improved cellular connectivity that supports a wider gamut of LTE frequency bands across the world’s carriers.

Apple’s web site also lists Everything Everywhere as being compatible with the 4G LTE flavors supported by Apple’s late-2012 iOS devices. Go past the fold for plans and pricing information…

According to a media release, plan start at 36 quids a month for half a gigabyte data. 1/3/5/8GB tiers are also available, priced at £41/£46/£51/£56 a month. EE is officially an iPhone carrier in the UK and last month started selling the iPhone 5.

Other 4G LTE handsets they sell include Nokia’s Lumia 820 and 920, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and S III, Huawei’s Ascend P1 and HTC’s One XL. In another bold move, EE launched 700 retail outlets across the country for people to buy these handsets.

EE’s 4G service will cover a third of UK’s population by the end of 2012, the company said. Its LTE today launched in eleven major cities across the country: Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton.

Other carriers will also launch their flavors of 4G LTE, namely O2, Vodafone and Three some time before summer of 2013. EE’s Fibre service will cover half the population by the end of the year, the company said. EE’s mobile service currently provides coverage to 99 percent of the population with 2G and 98 percent of the population with 3G.

Here’s EE’s pre-launch 4G LTE test network in action on the iPhone 5.

With around 28 million customers, EE files as UK’s largest mobile network operator. Headquartered in Hatfield, United Kingdom, the company is is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile and France Télécom’s Orange. It’s currently the sole provider of 4G LTE in the UK.

I’m interested in learning from our UK readers about their experience with EE so do chime in down in the comments.

  • I’ll be on it shortly after the 15 nov – messing around moving from orange to ee…

    • If your on Orange your on EE .. doesn’t your phone already show your network as EE ? Mine change about a month ago

  • momerathe

    “In another bold move, EE launched 700 retail outlets across the country for people to buy these handsets”

    There’s one of these on the high street near me – it’s a re-branded Orange shop.

  • Bob Teichmann

    Get it right, don’t over-think it.


    here is the unbelievably expensive EE prices plans whats the point of downloading at 30MB/SEC+ if you will finish your allowance in 16seconds ( 500MB deal) ?!?!?!?!

    500MB – £36-a-month

    1GB – £41-a-month

    3GB – £46-a-month

    5GB – £51-a-month

    8GB – £56-a-month

    One of the networks that EE own Tmobile provide un capped limitless true unlimited data pack with unlimited calls&text for £21-a-month.

    • The LTE options are unlimited on calls and texts as well .. Plus EE give you a choice of a film a week for £0 to download and that will not charge for the download too.they have over 700 films for you to download . Plus they have also said that they are going to be cheaper than any other carrier for LTE , so if one of the others goes cheaper EE will bring down there price..

      • BLTKOR

        Download a 720p movie on 4g not possible you will finish the allowance also Films are free until feb 2013 so thats a short lived gimmick but i agree other lte supplied by networks will bring down the price. Still you can only laugh at the prices at the end of the day these are 24 month contracts i will wait until others offer better prices.

      • The download of the film will not eat in to 1 kb of your data.. EE give you it all for free data and the film ..

      • BLTKOR

        Ah if that is the case its good but still limited until feb and also the fact that not everyone will care about the movies Will not help them , movie downloads have tons of alternatives , not a big deal in my opinion.

      • Agree with you there.. There is only going to be 15 city’s at th end of the year and 3 of those are near me and i’am not covered at all ..i’am waiting till at least the 5s to see if EE can get 4g to me .. And what I pay now i’am better of staying away from 4g i’ll end up with less data but still pay the same ..

      • Ok this is just my 2pennies worth

        Firstly as 25% of the uk population still cant get a 3g network it seems crazy that anyone thinks we are ready for a 4G network. Who is this network aimed at? you the man in the street? i dont think so! this is aimed at power business users and is released to us joe blogs to help subsidise the business users. I would love to just be able to constantly rely on the network that is currently in place but i cant even do that..

        Secondly to EEs pricing stratergy As you should all be aware there is currently a bidding war for 4g bandwith which the government is releasing and although ee has its own 4g bandwith (pinched from its 2g network hence the reduction in voice call capability) it will still need to bid for more bandwith for it future expansion programme who do you think is going to pay for that? Us of course hence the hike in its costing! At the end of the day this new technology needs to be paid for and in such a way that it dosent effect share holders pockets? by getting in early ee will have extra funds by the hike in these cost to use in the bidding process (£10 per month per person soon adds up to a large fund to help with your bidding process)

        I also remember the launch days of three and how bad that network turned out to be (to my detrement) but whilst it took 3+ years to get that network running correctly it did eventually get there. Im sure given enough time the same will hapen with all the 4g networks but i come back to my first point which is i would rather have a 99% slower 3G uk network coverage than a 30% network coverage of the faster 4g.

        It comes down to consumerism and if the promise of 4G sells more products, then 3g networks will vanish and there will be even less mobile broadband coverage than there is now, as these masts will need to be upgraded to facilitate the new technology and as the money will be used to upgrade rather than completing the coverage for the uk the obviouse conclusion is worse customer coverage for us joe blogs

      • I am on 3 in the uk, and have an iPhone 5. I was chatting to a member of staff in a 3 shop and they said that I could keep my current unlimited data for £10/month plan even when they switch over.
        I’m skeptical, but I hope I won’t have to be paying around 50 quid for 4G!

      • When all carriers switch over this will be the norm for UK carriers .but at the start if you want it you going to have to pay for it… there will be no way at the start will you be able to keep that price and have 4g maybe a 1 year or 2 you will get that price but not at the start of 4G in the UK..

  • It is a shame that none of Apple’s devices will work at 800MHz and 2600MHz, the frequencies that will be used by O2 and Vodafone next year. I wonder how many people will buy them and be disappointed.

  • MB is not the same as Mb, Orange is overpriced and the signal reception is all over the place, O2 who I don’t like but put up with have a 1GB internet (3G) + £300 64GB iPhone 5 for £26 a month, if they can keep that up for when the introduce 4G next year with the 5S I’ll buy it.
    But lets be honest, UK carriers are going to f*** us in the a** as usual. Instead of the great rates our continental friends get we are going to pay the stupid premiums Americans pay with their s*** networks, but at least we might actually get 4G speeds.

  • And thanks OFCOM for leaving the UK behind the rest of the world, government bureaucracy at its best! In Germany every single city has a full 4G network and has done so for some time!